It’s good to be back


(C) PJ Croft 2016

Aaaah, back in Bali, back at my favourite hotel in Sanur, the Taksu, with my favourite person. The weather is beautiful, maybe 28C and not humid, with cool breezes. Lovely.

I came up with four largeish cartons (tall beer bottle size) of party things and other odds and ends totalling nearly 20kg for my friend, as well as my 15kg suitcase. I was a bit worried about being queried at both ends, but I had no problems. I was directed to the X-ray scanner at this end, but I was quickly through.

I had a hassle at Perth airport though. I went though the search queue and walked through the body scanner, with my ring off my finger and held up for the guy to see. Not good enough, he directed me back and I had to place the ring on the tray to be X-rayed. Crazy.

So I came out the other end, got scanned for explosives, yeah right, then realised my ring was missing. I immediately said so, loudly, and a guy did a good search, but we never found it. Luckily it was only about $35 worth, but I am annoyed. It matters to me. I’ll have to contact them on my return to see if they found it. I can describe it very clearly and it must be there somewhere. The guy did say and I quote, “Never take your rings off.”



(C) PJ Croft 2016

This was the first time I’d seen the passport eControl going out, as well as coming back. It certainly saved some time. It’s not surprising they’ve installed it as the queue was long and with A380s these days, it’s only getting worse.

So combined with the fast tracking here at Denpasar, it’s making travel much easier.

However, I left my phone in the seat pocket. I realised it in the baggage hall and spoke to an Air Asia service guy who was standing right there. He used his radio and said they’d already found my phone. But he took my passport to photocopy it and was away more than ten minutes. I was getting edgy,  but since the carousel wasn’t moving, I wasn’t being held up.

Eventually it moved, my boxes came, then my suitcase, then the guy came back with my phone, my passport and a form to sign. All up it took more than 50 minutes from the time we touched down to my emergence into the greeting area.

It was a wonderful greeting anyway. Good to be back.



Trouble sleeping? Back problems? Let us strap you on. (C) Veronika 2016


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