Home run


Home.    (C) PJ Croft 2016

Home today, and I’ll be glad. I’m tired, and tired of living out of a suitcase. A month is enough.

On Sunday on the drive to Sanur from Lovina, about 4pm I quite suddenly developed a shaking fever. I couldn’t stop shivering. My friend who was driving was quite alarmed.

At the same time my right lower leg became extremely painful 8/10 in two small locations, one on the outside and one on the inside of my upper calf.

I was worried about a deep vein thrombosis. I’ve never had one, but it seemed to fit the symptoms. We got to our hotel and I felt very sick, tired, trembling, in pain. I took a big whack of Tramadol and hit the bed at about 8.30pm. I slept very soundly all night except for several big pee sessions.

In the morning I felt better, but we hated the hotel and decided to move to another. Once we’d done that, it was off to the BIMC Hospital for tests.

I’d forgotten until then about the cruel massage I’d had last Thursday. The guy applied incredible pressure along those muscle and nerve lines in my legs. I was asking him to tone it down, but he seemed to delight in hurting me. I’m wondering if he damaged some nerves?

Anyway, the blood tests proved negative for dengue fever (hadn’t thought of that) and DVT. I didn’t know you could test for it. That was reassuring. But they were concerned about a high white cell count, indicating infection, and wanted me to have I/V antibiotic injections and an ultrasound examination.

The cost was very high though (another $250 on top of the $350 I had to pay for the consultation), and I have a course of an antibiotic that I’m quite used to using, so I begged off to discuss it with my “wife”. So I’m taking my normal antibiotic capsules and I’ll leave further investigations until I get home.

Unfortunately my travel insurance won’t cover this, I don’t think, as I have pre-existing vein problems in my legs. On the other hand ………. this was not a pre-existing condition, this was new. Hmmm.

Anyway, I feel much better today and able to fly.


More later. Airport run soon for my 12.55pm flight. Hope it’s not too cold in Perth airport as I don’t have a cardigan.