It’s out!

Left: with infection, Monday 5th.                   Right: now, Friday 9th.

The intravenous cannula was removed from my arm this morning after the final i/v antibiotic injection. Thank goodness. It wasn’t that painful, but it was constantly irritating and itching. Now I can have a proper shower without wrapping my arm in plastic.

It might not be that obvious, but the swelling is mostly gone and the redness is back to normal, about as if my leg had been barbecued. I still have to keep to the bed and keep my leg elevated, and take a double dose of cephalexin antibiotic for the next two weeks.

The lesson is, guard against any skin breaks in Bali. Use moisturing cream. Apply antibiotic cream at the first sign of a break. If any infection gets in, take to the bed, dose up on cephalexin and apply beer. 🙂


Driving back home, I was on a dual lane divided carriageway road, with an 80km/h limit. There was a big truck in the left lane slogging up the hill, and a car just over my right shoulder. I waited for him to pass, then put my indicator on and moved right with another car, a blacked out Jeep Renegade (yeah, penis extension), about 20m back, well behind me.

But that wasn’t good enough for Mr Jeep. He (she?) reckoned he was entitled to push his way past me and blasted me with his horn and lights. Well, I was in the overtaking lane by now so I applied my brakes and took my time. I was absolutely within my rights here. I was well in front, he was well behind me. Finally he flashed past and all I saw was a finger through his (her) tinted window. I say she, because the number plate was white lettering on a pink background, TAURYP. Very distinctive and hardly masculine.

So TAURYP, I hope you had a rotten day and get done for speeding and dangerous driving very soon. You deserve every bit of bad luck you get.

I have a recording camera in my GPS, but facing forward, it can’t see crap like this.


I forgot to mention two nice things that happened in the past few days:

When I was taking the photos of the speedboat on the lake last weekend, I was holding the camera, the Panasonic FZ70, up to my eye and a couple of boys flashed by on their bikes. One called out “Nice camera”, and was away before I had a chance to react. Nice.

Then yesterday I was struggling a little bit to load my groceries into the back of my station wagon with the dud gas struts that won’t hold the tailgate open any more. So I was holding it up with my head (doesn’t everyone?)

A guy in business clothes with his son walked toward me and said, “Can I help you, sir?” I said, “Thanks but I’ve got it now, thanks anyway.” I thought that was a nice gesture from him.

And as I was going through the checkout at IGA, the young girl asked me how I was. I said, “Well, I’ve been a bit crook during the week, but I’m better now.” I was surprised that she said she knew I have a bit of trouble and seemed to know about me from months ago, even though I can hardly remember her. She wished me well. That was quite nice too.

Although I get frustrated with many things in Australia, it ain’t such a bad place to live.


People ask me why I don’t use Apple products.

The new iPhone comes out, but you can’t use your heaphones or earbuds any more. You have to buy Apple’s ear buds at $229, or use a bulky adapter at extra cost.

This is crap! This is typical Apple. They take all the i/o sockets away from the iMac and leave only a single USB-C socket, even for charging. That means you can’t use more than one external device at a time, without using a USB hub, and you can’t use a peripheral and charge at the same time.

Ahem. The Samsung Tab Pro S that I’m using is the same, and I hate it! All it has is one USB type C socket for charging and everything. It’s a pain. I was doing a backup to an external drive yesterday and it depended on the battery lasting longer than the time required to finish the backup.

So today I bought a Targus external USB 3.0 4-port hub with a power supply ($79) so that I can charge the tablet at the same time as I’m using external USB devices. But I’ve found that to charge, I have to use a USB type A plug to a USB type C cable. That will cost me another $38! And it’s yet another cable to carry and connect! This is madness. Black mark, Samsung. Nearly as bad as Apple. At least Samsung provides a headphone socket.

As well, they did a major software update weekend before last. It updated the system software, including the BIOS.

But since then, I’ve found I can no longer put the device to sleep using a short press on the power switch, as it used to do. Now, it takes a long press and this asks if I want to shut down. There’s no other choice. So I have to just put it aside and wait for it to sleep, or shut it down completely. No, no, no, Samsung. Bad move.


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