Sweet home, Butler


Gunung Agung  © PJ Croft 2016

Home again, and feeling better after a solid night’s sleep. My right leg is still somewhat painful and swollen. Doctor on Monday.

I slept badly on the last night in Sanur, and felt really groggy in the airport and on the plane. I was trying to sleep, but the guy in front of me seemed to have the fits, the large woman next to me kept brushing my arm (and never apologising or even speaking to me), and there were three kids nearby who were intermittently crying and screaming. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I hate these flights, but there’s no alternative. I was thinking on the way, what if there was a high speed large ship doing the run from Freo? Too costly, I suppose, and at a minimum of 48 hrs, probably too slow for anyone but us retirees. Anyway, “count your blessings”, eh?


I pay an extra $48 on each ticket for Premium Flex, which gives me two possible changes of date, time and seat, down to 2hrs before the flight; priority check-in; priority boarding; choice of the best seats; and a meal included. It also includes a priority bag tag to be first unloaded, (but I haven’t noticed any difference at the Perth end. My bag just comes when it comes).

I’ve needed to change my flight dates a few times recently, so that’s worth the extra money. The priority check-in is brilliant. The porter walks me straight past the massive queues to the Red Carpet counter, and after a minute or two, I’m through and walking to Immigration. Priority Boarding is the same, first on, seat right at the front and I’m seated. At the destination, I’m one of the first off, so no hassles there either. Bagus.


Part of the purpose of this trip was a birthday party.

It was a big show with many guests, including lots of kids. I’d brought a big bag of sausage balloons which can be made into sausage dogs and so on. These were a big hit. I was amazed to see the kids, not knowing how to tie them, get onto a smart phone and the internet and see pictures and video of how to do it. Astounding.

There were also glow-sticks galore, another thing we never had as kids. They can be made into many shapes, including bangles and bracelets and necklaces, and glow in the pool, hence the rings above. V had also engaged a flower arranger who brought banana trunks with small “shelves” to hold real oil flame candles, also shown above. There were about 36 LED candle bags around the pool, and every table was arrayed with flickering LED candles. It was quite a show.

In the mid evening we had a surprise performance of a Balinese dance by the 17 yo daughter of a close friend, which was brilliant. Music was provided by a live band, who while setting up, played recorded music which was like Bali-meets-Cafe del Mar. I liked it immediately and the trick now is to find out what it was. I’ve bought a couple of Bali CDs (at $7.90 each for genuine ones) and while one is boring as hell, the other is not bad. But it’s not as good as I was hearing. The hunt goes on.


My potential house-sit is still in abeyance while the owner finds another buyer. It should still happen, but maybe not for a few weeks. That suits me, although I’m quite keen to get back there. When I’m there, I want to get home, but when I’m home, I miss being up there. Huh.