Be afraid. Be very afraid.

This article by Bob Carr in The Guardian is very good:

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As you can tell I highly recommend The Guardian. Quality news journalism. One of the very best. Please support them.


I bought a treadmill this morning. I can’t make myself go outside walking. It’s either too cold, or too hot, too windy, too wet, or there’s no time, or I don’t have the right footwear on, or it’s just too hard.

I’ve had a treadmill before and I know I can use it. It’s set up in the lounge area, against the windows, facing the TV, with a pedestal fan ready. I turn the TV on, tuned to SBS foreign news with the subtitles, but foreign language¬† sound turned down, and ABC local radio on, and I’m in the zone, absorbed listening to the radio but distracted by the foreign news pictures. Therefore I don’t tend to notice the effort of the treadmill.

If I can do 5 minutes, or 10 minutes every hour or so, it will make a big difference. I’m likely to use this, much, much more than actually going out the door and walking.

My good mate Keith came and helped me set it up and bring it inside into the lounge. I thought I could do it myself, but I never could have. It’s an Orbit SS248, 1.5HP with motorised incline and all the other fruit like multi-programs, pulse rate measurements and so on. I used to have a very similar one at the Trigg house but sold it for $250 when I moved. Bad move.