It hardly seems possible


© PJ Croft 2016

That f…’in’ idiot Lord Rabbott VD VHS UHF CD and 6 bars has said that “the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States was encouraging because the Republican – who has said that he believes global warming is a scam – would put climate change in better perspective.”

So the fact, repeat fact, that each year is hotter than the last and the Earth’s atmosphere has warmed by more than 1degC on its way to the catastrophic 2degC of the Paris Climate Change Accords is just “moral panic”, is nothing to worry about.

“He said Turnbull was finally growing into the role of prime minister, and Turnbull’s complaint about the “elite” media this week was a sign of that.”

““He appreciates that it’s one thing to appeal to a certain constituency when you are the would-be, but when you are the Man your constituency is first and foremost the party room, and secondly the people who are going to vote for the Coalition, or who you want to vote for the Coalition at the next election,” Abbott said.””

Get that? When you are PM, the most important things are first and foremost your party room, then the people who voted for you, or who you want to vote for you.

What about the whole of the Australian people, mate? You bastard.


And it’s goodnight from us.  © PJ Croft 2016



Ha! I’m just ripping the final CDs in my collection, and the current one is Bach’s Cello Suites 1 – 3 performed by Lynn Harrell. For all of the last 30 years that I’ve owned this pair of discs, I’ve assumed, and had a mental image of, Lynn Harrell as a woman. Uh uh, it’s a bloke! Sorry Lynn. Mate.

Four discs to go to the end of this massive album, making 374 classical discs, and 426 non-classical (everything else, including comedy, of which there are 9 discs). Phew! Ph-eee-ew! Most of them have small images of the cover, so I’ve just got to find a program that will present me with a display of all the cover images so that I can browse and click. I have a few contenders suggested by a friend, but they’re not exactly what I had in mind so far.

This is a serious asset. A 2TB drive with about 850 CDs, instantly browseable, all at original CD quality. I’d better guard this.  Now, what do I do with all the physical discs?


I’ve been having terrible trouble sleeping recently, as I’ve said, and even though I slept during the day yesterday, it caught up with me last night. I felt my eyelids drooping about 8pm and thought, dammit, go to bed. So I did, and lay there on top of the covers until 3am or so, it was so warm. Up for a pee, back to bed, out again, up again maybe 5am, out again, awake at 6am, radio on, and out again until 9am. That’s 13 hours!

What woke me was what I thought was the hissing of the fan in the corner. No, it was rain on the roof, heavy, steady rain. Cold 21C today after 36.4C yesterday. Crazy. Good for the garden!