Ho…lee…shit!  President Trump. I never believed it possible.

This will be a disaster. There will be war. There will be a world recession. There will be a breakup of alliances. Many hundreds or thousands of US troops are going to die in conflicts with Russia and China. China will become even more assertive in building its South China Sea military bases. That will involve the RAN making Freedom of Navigation patrols to try to assert our rights. The USA will demand our contributions. This is going to affect all of us, not just America.

Coming on top of Brexit, that other disaster in the UK, the world is breaking apart. Putin will be rubbing his hands with glee. NATO is now well and truly destabilised. Just what he wants.

I was amazed today, not just at the news – I was having lunch at the shopping centre with the newspaper on the table. One of the cleaning ladies leaned over and with a very concerned, even frightened, face said to me, “Trump has won. It’s President Trump.” You know things are serious when that happens.

Combined with another terrible blow for me, today has been one of the worst days of my life.


One bit of bright news was that I paid for my copy of dBpoweramp ripping software, and it turned out to cost US$39 or about A$52, less than I thought. It’s great value.

The benefit of the full copy, as distinct from the trial copy I’ve been using, is that after you put the CD in the drive, if you just wait, it automatically reads all the track names and finds the appropriate CD cover image from the web for you. No need to search for it yourself. So all you need to do is create and name a folder for the files and click Go. It speeds the process even more. Excellent software.


I don’t feel like writing any more. This is awful.