Bunker bulldust day 42

Emus on pink

What a shot!   From the CSIRO Facebook page.

Missed a day yesterday, not much happened. Guess what, not much happened today, too. There was no mail for me on the day after a public holiday, which is annoying because I’m owed many items from the Wish web site. Deliveries have really slowed to a trickle in the past few weeks. I’m also waiting on a CD from Amazon and a selection of vege seeds from a nursery in the Perth hills that have been on order and paid for for more than a month. Grr. (Small grr.)


Well, the Liberal Party have succeeded in forcing the commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission, Mr John McKechnie out of his position at the end of his current term. He wanted to be reappointed, the government wanted him reappointed, the judiciary, the police, the public, everyone wanted him to continue except the Liberal Party.

Gosh golly, I wonder why? The reason is blindingly obvious – he was too good. He was finding corruption in Upper House Liberal members and they wanted him out.

What kind of idiocy is this? Surely they must know that you can’t hide this kind of thing forever. The truth will come out. Meanwhile, the Liberal Party is tarred with the brush of corruption. They will wear this like a blazing tyre around their necks to the next election. Utter stupidity. If they’re this stupid, why would anyone vote for them to run the state?

The person they’re trying to shield must be incredibly powerful for them to do this. The trail must lead very, very high in the Liberal Party hierarchy. What utter fools. Anyone who would vote for this party after this must share the sleaze. I suppose I should be pleased – this virtually assures Labor of another term.


Old amp 7

Back in the days when I used to build electronic “stuff”. I built the audio oscillator (top) and the oscilloscope it’s sitting on, and I was using them to build the hi-fi amp in front.

Old amp 8

I’m still sitting right now at the same table in this shot.

Old amp 10

I did get this amplifier working but it suffered from switch clicks and pops.

THill flat Dec74

My flat in Tuart Hill December 1974. The amp I built is next to the turntable. Those are B&W Model 70 speakers, electrostatic on top, 12″ bass cabinet below.

I just found these pics today, going through some old CD ROMs that I used for backup about 20 years ago. Ah, memories.

I didn’t own a TV until 1979 and I used to be so keen on electronics as a hobby that I would take things in to Channel 7 at night to work on them and use the test equipment. Sometimes I drove from South Perth to do it. Keen!


This was my hi-fi gear 20 years later, before I was burgled. Thorens TD160 turntable, Technics CD player stacked on a NAD amp/tuner on top of a Yamaha CA1000 amplifier. AIWA AD-F770 cassette deck on top of a Yamaha CT800 AM/FM tuner. Spendor BC1 speakers.

Can you believe, apart from the Technics CD player which was stolen, I gave all the other items away to friends. Sometimes I think I’m too generous.

All those CDs were stolen in the 1991 burglary. I had about 100 then. Once the insurance company asked for details, I was able to recall virtually all of them from memory so as to make a claim. They paid up. Having about $2,000 credit with my CD shop was pretty good – I remember having the fun of picking out CDs to that value. These days, no-one wants CDs, for some reason people would rather listen to the inferior sound of mp3 files. Hi-fi has almost died, except for the crazies who will pay $10,000 for an amp and $20,000 for a pair of speakers.


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