And Bam! Thank you ma’am

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What a change. Most of today was a normal summer day, warm 30deg, calm, light wispy clouds. Then 60-90mins ago, the clouds came in from the N-E, and lightning and thunder started and rain started, too. Yesterday we had 23mm in the 24hrs, which is above the 19mm average for the whole of March. This was the rainfall radar map at 6pm.

I’m located between Ocean Reef and Yanchep, between the 50km and 100km circles.

I love this weather. I like things changeable, not boring old sunshine all day.


Very interesting that the federal government cabinet minister is going to front up to a press conference tomorrow and deny the accusations levelled against him by the woman who killed herself last year, after she alleged he raped her in 1988.

Well, he would deny it, wouldn’t he? I’m afraid I’ll believe the woman and all her friends who knew the story and the details she told. Why would she commit suicide if there was nothing in it?

As to who the guy is, they were at school or uni in Adelaide in the early ’80s. All you need to do is search on “cabinet minister+Adelaide+1985” or similar, and in my mind only one name comes up. However, I’ll be very interested to see who it is tomorrow. I’m probably wrong, but that just illustrates why the real culprit must out himself, so that his colleagues are not unjustly accused. What a shocking, sad, awful story.


Oh, Windows! So much variety. It works properly one week, then the next week something changes and you have to work out what it is. I’m plagued for the last few months with long delays accessing the disk drives, i.e. i click on a drive, or right click, and I have to wait 20-30secs before it will show the contents. I didn’t do anything to make this change!! It’s obviously the disk powering down to conserve power but I don’t want that.

The latest new thing is that whenever I move the mouse pointer near the edge of the screen, or move it quickly, it moves sluggishly for a second or two and goes bing-bong, the sound. Why?? I don’t know what I’ve done or how to fix it. Grrrr.