Get out the back, Zak

Nice, eh? It’s a dove found only in Vietnam and Thailand.

Humid, 28deg, quite cloudy. Got a bit of rain last night, which is always welcome.

Re the above dove or the dove above, the notes say that there is actually no taxonomic difference between doves and pigeons. Pigeon = dove. I didn’t know that! I’d always wondered. However, I wonder what the doves and pigeons say, because they look different.

Cocky conversation.


Huh, WordPress has changed fonts again. Both the title font and the body font are a flavour of Helvetica. I wonder what I’ll see when I publish this. I do not like this editor or the way they keep making changes.


I’ve just come from the doctor – it’s another bladder infection. Nothing serious, just a bit stingy and should be cleared up by an antibiotic. But he was concerned enough to send me for a CT scan yesterday. I don’t know the result yet, but we talked about how quickly we can get tests done here. He’s from the Philippines and said you can get fast results there if you can pay, but it you can’t, you wait. He’s also trained in the UK and said doctors there have been told no hip or knee replacements are to be requested until further notice. They’re snowed under. But what is the GP supposed to tell the patient in pain and immobile? Once again, if you can pay £12,000 (AU$21,818) you’ll get one, but who can afford that?

However, I’m a bit peeved at having to wait nearly two months for an appointment to have my cyst looked at. It’s painful now, and getting bigger, deeper and bleeding a bit. I’m worried. There’s going to be a helluva scar (right temple).


I can’t believe the stupidity of some people. There’s a big black sign outside the polling place nearby for the Anti Compulsory Vaccination Party in the state election tomorrow. Anti Compulsory Vaccination? What are they talking about? Vaccination is not compulsory. Maybe I don’t understand. Do they mean for kids? MMR and whooping cough and things like that. Well, if you object to these vaccinations, take your children and go and live in the desert. The stakes are too high to have potentially highly contagious kids running around.


The election is going to be interesting. The Liberals just don’t deserve any success because they are just not competent. At their press conference to announce the costings of their election promises yesterday, they weren’t ready! They didn’t have their figures ready and were just an embarrassment. They humiliated themselves. This was a repeat of Colin Barnett’s performance in 2013, I think it was, when he announced they were going to build a canal from the Ord River Dam to Perth! Quite apart from the simple impossibility of the physics, when he showed the cost, immediately the journos could see that the figures were wrong. Yet all he could do was stonewall. “No, they’re not. No, they’re not.” They bloody well were wrong, but he humiliated himself.

This is the party that calls itself the party of business, representing big and small businesses. Yet they can’t even do simple arithmetic. They paid a high power accounting firm to certify their numbers yesterday, but the accountants had to state that all they’d been asked to do was check the numbers, not balance them. So what happened? Blundering, bungling, embarrassing crap at the press conference. What a joke. They do NOT deserve any election success at all tomorrow.


The saga of the misfiring Verada is unresolved, but at least it’s running normally. Yesterday I was going to use the Honda with the new battery, but wouldn’t you know, when I tried to start it, all the warning lights came on, and the radio, but nothing but “click” when I turned the key. Damn, damn, damn! I had to use the Verada, with my heart in my mouth, but I drove it for about 10km with no trouble. The fault’s gone away.

I was going to take it to the RAC in Joondalup but not today. Next week. (Yeah, procrastinating again.)

I measured the Honda’s battery and it showed 12.56V, so it should have started the car. I put the battery on charge and it’s a showing full now so I’ll have another try at starting it tomorrow. It’s possible it didn’t think it was in Park.


I’ve got another 14yo kid to do some work for me. He advertised on Neighbourhood and called around yesterday to talk about the work. I thought he might start right away but no, he has a busy weekend and wants to start on Monday.

When I asked what he wants to be paid, he just said $35, i.e. for the whole amount of work I showed him. He estimated 3-4 hours, so I don’t mind. It’s just some weeding at the front, garden cleanup at the side, spreading some garden soil at the back and cleaning the patio windows. If he does all that for $35 I’ll be happy.

Crumbs, 14 years old but he’s as tall as me and weighs not much less. As I said to him, the previous kid brought his mum to check me out, but this new kid could bash me up if he had to. He’s big. Blank face too, not very bright.