Death warmed up

© PJ Croft 2021

Uuurrrgh, ten days since the last post, with eight days of a bladder infection laying me low. I had a very mild one a month ago, with no symptoms and only picked up by a routine test. This one started on Thursday 14th with a fever for several hours, with very painful ‘you know whats’. I wasn’t able to get a GP appointment until Saturday 16th and he prescribed an antibiotic. I’m still on it and it makes my stomach feel upset, so I’m staying at home, near the toilet and bed. I’m not doing much writing I’m afraid.

I’m very slowly getting better but I’ve had to beg off a couple of meet-ups, I’m very sorry. As well, the atrocious weather keeps me at home. I like going out, but not when it’s wet and windy and cold, sorry. As soon as it warms up …


Huh! Word Press has changed the font and spacing again. I do not like this dense Times New Roman. I liked the font and open spacing as it was last time I composed a post. This Word Press blogging software is CRAP! You can’t complain directly, of course, only via a forum. I don’t like it!


I am in a bad mood, hence the caps and italics. Sorry. The pain in my feet is very bad. It would qualify as chronic pain. There is a medication solution but it’s an anti-depressant and causes me insomnia and other side effects, so I had to stop it a few years ago. I suppose I’d better make an appointment to see the pain specialist again. I can’t remember his name.


One thing I’ve been doing is posting many, many of my photos on Facebook. I’m not sure whether that’s a good idea or not. People seem to like them but I’m worried that I’m overdoing it.

I admit it’s a “look at me, look what I can do” attitude and that’s a bit childish. But if I don’t show them, if I always keep them hidden, then what’s the point? Will people only see them after I die? No, not at all. Actually, dying won’t guarantee anything. Someone would have to make an actual move to show them, and that’s very unlikely.

Speaking of dying, it’s very heavily on my mind these days. I’m quite anxious about it, how it will happen and the aftermath. The aftermath won’t affect me, but I worry about how the division of my possessions will occur. I am getting help.


I think I’ve mentioned this already but I’ve watched all episodes of SAS Australia on Channel 7 and I admit I like it. It’s about Australian sportsmen and women and other ‘celebrities’ who submit themselves for an SAS/Special Forces selection process, run by four former UK SAS men. Yeah, you think it’s very blokey and rah rah, but it’s rather fascinating to watch how these people conduct themselves under the extreme training exercises.

I was extremely impressed by some of the women, and one in particular, Jana Pitman. She’s a former dual Olympic gold medallist in running, who then after retirement, did medicine and trained as a doctor. WOW! She’s a high achiever. She comes across as a very nice person and someone you’d want to have on your side. She is one of the last five but runs out of physical strength and stamina at the last exercise, so has to be eliminated. Even so, she’s the only woman finalist and is to be admired.

All through, the crew are emphasising how much psychology and mental attitude play in survival. How the body can keep going, keep taking punishment as long as the mind doesn’t quit. Remarkable. One remarkable woman was Kerry Stoddart, also an Olympian and gold medal winner, who entered and did most of the course at age 53! She finally had to quit only because of an injury, but she is a remarkable woman.

There are 14 episodes with some follow-ons and I’ve watched it all and enjoyed it. NB: I only ever record it, then play it later and fast forward through the commercial breaks. The barrage of ads and promos is more than I can bear.


I’ve mentioned the tyre pressure monitoring system in the Peugeot 407 before. There’s a pressure sensor in each tyre valve and if the pressure drops below a certain value, a warning shows on the dash display, including, if you catch it at the right moment, which tyre it is.

A few weeks ago it showed the warning and I deduced it was the left front, but I was a little surprised that it seemed to be only 0,1 Bar down from the normal 2,2Bar. A quick pump up and all was good.

Last week it showed again and I checked both fronts, with no error. Then I checked right rear and there it was, again down by 0,1Bar. Pumping it up fixed the problem.

I’m quite impressed that it shows an error with quite a small loss of pressure, and I’m reassured that you can continue to drive without too much worry. I like it.


I’ve just taken a couple of strong Panadol and I’m going back to bed.


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