It’s a pain

Fremantle Harbour. © Earth by Drone

We awake to the news that six US B-52 bomber aircraft are to be stationed at Tindal RAAF base near Darwin in the NT. Although I think this will make us a target in any conflict, I think it’s necessary to shoulder our responsibilities in the US-Australia alliance. So, I approve.


Brrrr, it seems like a return to winter in the past week. I look forward to rising temps in the next few days. Up to 31deg on Thursday. Hooray. I’ll be starting my summer regime of cold showers soon.

Which reminds me, I’ve been uncomfortable for years that my gas storage hot water heater is burning gas 24/7 every day of the year, heating about 200 litres (?) of water that I use for only about 10 mins each day for my shower. It goes to the kitchen, of course, but it takes so long to heat the pipes before the hot arrives that I never use it. Laundry? I always do a cold wash.

I’ve read about heat pumped hot water and I think I should make the change. If I got one of those installed, I think I would completely remove gas from the house, so that I’m not paying anything by way of “service charges”. I have a gas cook-top but I really don’t need it. I’ll keep you posted.


Speaking of the US-Australia alliance, I think we can expect China to attack Taiwan in the next couple of years. We are likely to be drawn in, probably by naval encounters at first, and long range bombing.

But the stupidity of China just amazes me. Repeat, STUPIDITY. Just suppose the Chinese succeed in taking Taiwan, what will they gain? The Taiwanese will fight like hell and even if China invades and wins, they will face anger and non-cooperation for ever more. They will gain a surly, angry population which will be a continual drain on their resources and finances for decades to come.

Just suppose, by some miracle, The Chinese Communist Party military dictatorship came to their senses and saw the folly of it, and decided to accept the status quo. They would gain praise, good will, world approval at the minimum. I’m sure this would lead to improved trade for China and an improvement in all other areas.

But it looks very likely that there is going to be a serious shooting war. There will be hundreds of thousands of casualties, losses of hundreds of ships, thousands of aircraft. It will cost China hundreds of $billions. No-one will ever be able to trust China again.

What is wrong with these people?


I’ve just been on Facebook and seen a post by Tania Lawrence MHR saying that she was a student at Northam Senior High School. She’s posted a photo of herself in her school blazer. Well well well. I think I’ll send her an invitation to our next reunion, usually held in the first week of April each year.


I have much more to say but I can’t at the moment. I’m in severe pain.

One comment on “It’s a pain

  1. Tom Croft says:

    I completely agree with your comments regarding Taiwan, Peter. Like that nutter Putin, they are so obsessed with winding back history, that they’re blinded to the points you made. They would earn tons more respect by accepting and nurturing the status quo. Zee jing ping (I don’t care about OUR English spelling of his name) shows all the traits of a dictator tyrant. He seems exactly the same as Putin. Not an ounce of statesmanship and all self-preservation and anti-west. He’s becoming more like Kim Joke Un every day. The easts various countries spend their whole life copying the wests’ mannerisms, technology and culture, (think Halloween in South K and Pilot training and Shanghai Disneyland). Why can’t they be happy with what they are and who they are themselves and live happily within their own current borders? They must have all watched that docu-series “How to become a Tyrant”, and like two year old’s, thought they ‘live it out’ .

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