An amazing connection

This caterpillar will turn into a butterfly. Ain’t that amazing?

First, I had a call back from Vivid today. Last night they sent me a warning that I had almost used my second 3GB of data allowance and would have to spend another $29 to renew.

This is iniquitous. When I was with the previous ISP I used to buy 2GB of data a month and rarely used the full amount – usually about 1-1.5GB. Suddenly with Vivid I’m using 6GB a month?? I’m not doing anything different.

The guy on the phone from Vivid asked me what I remembered downloading. I listed about 1GB of programs and he said, er, did you visit a game site? NO! He wouldn’t reveal what had been going on but I suspect my connection is being hijacked by others. I don’t know how – I’ve got WEP enabled, same as my old modem.

Anyway, he gave me 1GB of extra data free, but I don’t think I’m going to continue with this. The signal strength is just too erratic. I never get better than a yellow LED, and it’s mostly red or it drops out. This is impossible.

So it’s back to the search for a stable connection. I think I’m just going to have to start shouting and stamping my foot to get a landline connection. Wireless is fine for cafe surfing, but you can’t rely on it.

Anyway, back to the main heading. I don’t mean a wi-fi connection.

Early this week I got a Facebook invitation to be a friend of a woman I used to know at Channel 7. She left in 1988 but we have a friend in common so we still know each other to say hi, which is sort of all we ever did any way. She married a very high achiever and highly intelligent guy who talks on “the wireless” (that’s radio to you young ‘uns) and lives in Melbourne now.

Recently I’d done a CD rip to iPod music thing for her via our mutual friend, hence the Facebook friend request.

As I say, we’ve always known of each other and said hello at all our meetings, including at the 50th anniversary reunion last year, but she was always so glamorous, so vivacious, so different world, that I never really got to know her. She was just this bright, gorgeous woman who disappeared in 1988. We lost contact except for our mutual friend.

So for once, I answered the request and said, sure, I’ll be your friend, and added a little note on Facebook about other news of our old life and friends. She replied very nicely and we started a little conversation on the Facebook page. I said, er, this is a bit public, I’d prefer if you contacted me by my email address if we chat more.

So she did email me, and the most amazing dialogue has developed. As I said, we had never really spoken before except to say Hi, how are you, bye, and suchlike.

Well, she has a very sympatico (that’s Spanish, yeah?) persona and we started really connecting, with her in Melbourne and me here in Perth. I’m not talking romance! This is better than that, a meeting of minds. She had lost contact with some old work colleagues and was happy to hear the latest news.

But more importantly, she was interested in my latest doings and enjoyed my prose, so I felt I could open up and talk. She studied psychology at Uni and has a good knowledge and a great mind.

Well, try and stop me! I don’t want to sound vain but I like to write and I like to be funny and she seems to enjoy it, so we’ve just found we can’t stop talking. And more importantly, we seem to have quite a lot in common, on several levels. We’ve both discovered that we have far more depth than either of us knew about. I don’t mean we didn’t know ourselves, I mean we didn’t know each other, and now that we do, we really like each other. Ain’t that amazing? Worked together from about 1977 to 1988 and never knew each other except to pass in the corridor. Now, 22 years later, we feel like long lost buddies.

Who’s this chap with the screwed up face? Moi, 1984, holding my Pentax Super A. Great camera, and the new one will be a Pentax too.

This story has a long way to run yet; it it started with a simple friend request on Facebook and I now feel like a caterpillar changing to a chrysalis and soon to be a butterfly. (A Monarch, of course.) I’m meaning in the “move to Bali, drop the carapace of Perth” sense. Maybe a bit more.

However, something’s not right. I’ve been feeling more and more tired, weaker and weaker, needing to sleep sometimes twice a day, unable to walk more than 20m without severe fatigue. I had an abdominal ultrasound today and I will await the doctor’s report, but a big red patch on the screen as I stood up and severe pain as she ran the probe over me makes me a little apprehensive. Moving to Bali might be a bit beyond me after all.

But tomorrow, Sunday, I’m going to buy a new camera, the perfect camera, and that’ll make it better! Hah!

This entry will test if anyone is actually reading this. No-one ever comments. I think I’m talking to ghosts. Is anyone actually reading this? Will anyone take 30 seconds to comment? Otherwise I’m wasting my time and may as well write a book or watch TV.