Optical illusion

Fried egg anyone? It’s the new, compact, easily packaged, stackable, non-runny fried egg invented in the home of convenience foods, good ol’ USA. It comes complete with holes for pegs on your plate to hold it in place while you eat. And “This side up” markings.

No seriously, it’s a new super efficient LED designed to replace light globes. It gives the same light as a 60W globe but uses only 11W. That’s just a liitle more than a compact fluorescent (8W), but with a theoretically indefinite life, unlike CFs which do wear out.

We are moving to higher and higher efficiency lighting. Even street lights can be LEDs these days, with far better efficiency and no burnouts. The installation cost is high, but the payoff is high too with no maintenance costs. And another lot of low skilled council workers lose their jobs replacing lamps. Can’t be helped, I’m afraid.