Take me to the Emerald City

Here’s the video of Emerald Villa. It takes ages to find a compression scheme to get a reasonable file size, so I hope this works! It’s 25MB, which is pretty big. This is a Quicktime file, so it will open on the iPad, I hope.

I’ve just been chatting about the villa and yes, it’s completely open to the elements. The living area can’t be shut off. If it poured a torrent of rain, the spray would probably blow in. I guess you just take the chance.

Also, mozzies. I did ask about it this morning and they said the area is regularly sprayed. Again, I’ll just go with the flow. Electrostatic insect zappers are easy to get and DEET spray works well. I’d be scared of dengue fever, but…

I’m wondering if it might even be possible to get into this place by next week, thereby saving all my hotel cost for the next fortnight. Possible.

OK, it took about 10-15 mins to upload and played fine for me, so I hope it works for you.


Visitors will be very welcome, of course. That’s the whole idea – come and stay. Two spare double bedrooms. I might have to take bookings!

Hooley Dooley, Holy Moley, get a grip!

As you can see from the title, I’ve been struck by lightning.

I came to Bali with the idea of looking at villas to rent, lease or possibly buy although I’m almost certain I don’t want to buy. Too hard to get out of the situation if you find you’ve made a mistake.

I’ve just got back from viewing the first rental villa the guy wanted to show me, and I AM BOWLED OVER. I don’t think I need to see any others.

It’s just perfect. I need to get a grip, because I can’t find a reason not to say YES to it at the moment. Here it is:

Emerald Villa bedroom 1
Living room, bed 2 and bed 3 (and pool, of course)
Living area and kitchen (pool is behind me)
Bed 1 of two same size. Bathroom entry behind bed.

So as you can see it’s two large bedrooms, each with BIG bathroom, separate shower recess and each with an outside open air shower in a small garden enclosure. I love that. In between is a large open combined living/dining with w-i-d-e kitchen. The RH bedroom connects with the kitchen for midnight snacks.

The third bedroom is off to the right, also en-suite, just a bit smaller. It has a full sized bath, too.

There were two ladies there who are staff. At least one of them lives in a small servants’ quarters next to the laundry. They come with the property and do the cleaning and cooking as required for an extra $70-80 pm. Gardening and pool cleaning comes with that. The whole coomplex is gated and guarded., included in the rent.

I’m back in the hotel to look at the photos and Google Earth to place it in my mind, and to think it through.
It’s called Emerald Villas and is one of a complex of 56 (!). But each is behind its own wall and you’re not even aware that they’re there. It’s here:

Here’s a closer view:

See the cars parked to the left of that big white tank? “My” villa is the first one above the cars.

They’re asking rental of US$28,000 pa. but this hotel’s sale director advises me to haggle! Of course. The rent is negotiated each year but the sales guy says annual increases are pegged at max 10%. Don’t know about electricity at the moment but it’s usually extra. They tell me the complex has a generator to cope with power failures.

I can’t think of a reason not to do it. I can arrange a bank transfer right now – I’ve had a redraw facility with the CBA for over 15 years and never used it!

It’s also occurred to me that by paying a deposit, I might even be able to move there next week from this hotel. That would save me about $1200 in hotel fees for the next two weeks, providing I can cancel the bookings without hassles.

So how ’bout that? I’ll think hard about it, of course (grind, grind, crunch) and have a chat with a local AustIndo law firm I noticed on the road to Kuta. Being Xmas/New Year makes it a little fraught, but it’ll be OK.

Then I come back to Perth as planned, start a sale process on my place, start packing stuff up and start moving stuff up here. Amazing. Too good to be true? I’m having to pinch myself, hard. It seems too easy.