Wed 22 December

The sales pitch, Kuta Beach

As Catherine Tate would say, how very, very interesting.

I went to Sanur this morning to check out the real estate business and called in to the Ray White office. With a name like that, I figured it must be a good trustworthy Aussie firm. So I got talking to the rep and although he’s Jakarta born and bred, he’s spent more than a year in Toronto, Canada, and speaks English like a native, with a mild Canadian accent.

As I said to him, it matters to me that we fully share the subtleties of the language when we’re talking complex finance and legals. He was good. His name is Dedy. Bit of a charmer, but then he’s a salesman, isn’t he?

So we talked for quite a while and it seems to be quite easy to arrange things, so he’s now looking for some long term rental places for me to look at in the next few days.

That done, I walked along Jalan Tamblingan to the site of the Shanti Villas I saw last month. Construction is still in progress, but this time I walked right in for a closer look and realised I had misunderstood the layout of the block. It’s even better than I thought.

Although I say I don’t want to buy, I’m even more impressed with these villas now than I was. I realise now that the villas are deep into the block and are partially complete with the roofs on already. That long foundation is just for an access road, I think.

Shanti Villas block now, looking toward the beach. Jl Tamblingan L and R (panorama distortion).

That means the villas are further toward the beach and away from the main road, which means they’re much quieter. That worried me last month, that there’d be too much noise from Jl Tamblingan and the restaurants there. But not so. It’s nice and quiet toward the beach.

So I stood there for quite a while absorbing the atmosphere and it felt really good. Then I went into the Santrian Hotel and had a look there – very nice. Looks a bit expensive for me, but very traditional Balinese. They gave me their brochure.

Then I walked the path to the beach and although it’s a bit primitive, it doesn’t matter. It leads through some lush trees and undergrowth and opens onto Sanur beach:

The new villas are under that enormous round tree at bottom left. The beach path leads to the right of it, below centre, below the kidney shaped pool.

I sat for a while absorbing the atmosphere here too.

Sanur beach in front of Shanti Villas.

Then I walked north along the beach path right up to Jl Pantai Sindhu, another 1.2Km, so in total, I walked nearly 2Km. For me, that’s pretty good these days. I was knackered and wet with sweat when a guy asked if I wanted transport and after haggling a bit, I said let’s go. Rp40,000 or $4.50 to get back to my hotel.

I’m now so impressed with that location that I may reconsider buying one of these villas after all. There’s a long way to go, of course: what does 10 year option mean? What’s the standard of construction like? Is one actually available? Are they all the same price? I’ll find out in the next few days.

While walking along the beach front, a woman started talking to me and I mentioned that I might move here to live. “Oh, you need housekeeper? My name is Annie. I need work.” Etc etc. She looked quite nice and spoke well, but after a while it became clear she just wanted me to come and look at her shop! Bloody hell, they’ll do anything to get you engaged in conversation and into the shop. Oh well.

Nap time, 2pm. Siang.