Getting Along

Spiders on bats!

Like the spiders and the bats, we should try to get along, right?

If you’d got the impression I was irritated by this hotel in the past two days, then I have to tell you, I’m REALLY angry now.

First, I’ve realised that it’s an Islamic owned hotel, so there’s no bar and no alcohol available for sale. If you order a club sandwich, expect to get what they call beef bacon, like corned beef. Don’t expect bacon with your eggs for breakfast either, or pork to be on the menu.

But that’s not a gripe. My gripe is first, that requests at the desk produce no action. “We’ll get back to you” means nothing.

  • After two days, I still haven’t got a rubber shower mat and it’s pretty clear I won’t get one.
  • After two days, a promise that the manager would contact me re lack of wi-fi in the room has produced nothing.
  • After 36 hours, my complaint that the fridge doesn’t freeze ice cubes has produced no response.
  • As well, there’s a safe in the room, but it’s locked and it’s at floor level. Yes, I could get it unlocked, but I’m not getting down on the floor to operate it.

But yesterday, they really excelled themselves. They delivered a letter asking me to contact the desk re the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

What did this mean? So I asked at the desk after breakfast, what am I supposed to collect?

“Your ticket for the New Year’s Eve party, sir.”

But I didn’t ask for this, nor do I want it, nor do I want to pay for something I didn’t ask for.

“Your travel agent requested it, sir.”

Well I did not ask them to, and I can’t attend any party because I’m sick! and I pointed to my distressed face with runny nose, teary eyes and feverish brow. I don’t want this.

“Sorry sir, our manager will contact you.”

Well, 24 hours later, they haven’t, as I’ve come to expect.

Today I’m going to say I do not expect to be charged for this. I will not be attending any New YEar’s Eve party. I would add, especially a dry New Year’s Eve, but I’d better not.

But late yesterday, they beat all that.

I’d run out of rupiahs and asked at the desk where the nearest ATM is. The guy looked confused, then said he didn’t know, but he thought I would need to take a taxi. There’s nothing around here.  (I already knew the Circle K across the street didn’t have one.)

I walked away, but went back and said, OK, can you change this for me please, and handed him a $50 note, Aussie dollars.

He looked at it suspiciously and said, “Sorry sir, only US dollars.” What! I said. This is Australian currency. It’s now stronger than the US dollar.

“Sorry sir. I think you need to take a taxi.”

But I haven’t got any Indonesian money. I can’t take a taxi!

He just shrugged. So I walked away fuming! They can see I’m becoming more and more upset, but it just doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I also discovered today that the room cleaners (men, not women) don’t replace the glasses and cups and teaspoons you use, they just rinse them under ther tap in the bathroom and put them back on the shelf!


Kewell, eh?

Later, I walked 150m down the road to the RTC Centre and found an ATM, no trouble at all. Who are these clowns at the hotel?

I went to the RTC Centre (a big electronics/laptop/computer centre) to see if I could buy a USB modem with a data allowance to overcome this lack of WiFi. No problem! A USB 3.5G modem with 2 weeks’ data allowance – A$55. Bargain! The lovely Marisa from Sulawesi sold it to me but I needed to go back to the hotel to get the laptop for her to install it.

Monkeyin’ around on the lap, top

Boy, traffic at 6pm, be careful. I crossed several roads OK, but even when you thread through stationary cars, motorbikes suddenly come at you over the double lines on the wrong side of the road! Or even on the footpath! They ride up at you to bypass the throng on the road!

So I took the laptop back to the shop but after an hour of install/uninstall/reinstall/call-the-expert, it just wouldn’t register any signal at all. Yet it worked in the shop’s computer and in the expert’s laptop. What’s going on? I gave up at that point (7.45pm) as I was knackered and said I’ll bring the laptop back tomorrow (today).

This tallies with a Digitech High Sensitivity WiFi adapter I bought in Perth which will not work, because the computer just won’t recognise it as a USB device. Same with this modem.

I’ve tried every trick I know – turn off Anti Virus, Run as Administrator, disable laptop’s own modem, but nothing works. How come this top-of-the-line Sony laptop with a standard Win7 installation won’t recognise USB devices which work fine in another computer? GRRRRR!

Calm, calmer, karma