© PJ Croft 2011  Aaaaah, Sanur
As I said, last night I had to do without solid food for dinner, and it’s worth noting what I felt. I was hungry as hell, and only had a Laksa packet soup containing soft, flat rice noodles which slide down with no effort.
But the cravings! I seem to crave carbohydrates or salty, crispy things like pretzels or nuts, which I couldn’t have. My upper body and shoulders were crawling with tension, craving this hit of carbs or fat or whatever it is.
I never eat sweets or chocolate but I had a chocolate slice in the cupboard that I’d bought for a guest and I’m afraid a big bit of it got consumed last night (not all of it – there’s some left over!) As I ate it, I could feel the warmth coming over my shoulders and scalp as the tension eased away.
So I dunno. Musn’t eat fatty, satisfying foods. Musn’t drink alcohol, or sweet things, or cheese … It is so hard.
My weight increased by 0,3Kg overnight, but I got almost no exercise either yesterday, due to the weather. I’ve lost 1Kg since last Tuesday, though.

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