Long time …

Geoff (Fred) W. came around and gave me a hand to pack boxes yesterday (Saturday). I remarked that this year, 2013, is the 50th year we’ve been friends. He came to the Hut in 1963. We made our trip to Britain in 1974, and the rest is history. Time flies.

We made another trip to the storage unit, the fourth so far. I’ve covered the left back corner and part of the left wall to head height, but there’s plenty of space left. I think I’ll fit all my stuff into 27 cu.m.

I was thinking of dumping my fridge and washing machine (both c20 years old), but no, I’ll decide later.

Likewise my car. Barry and I have been talking about how to update (what better subject for a former car salesman?) But the more I thought about it, the more I realised, “why?” It does all I want with smoothness, quietness and power. Bit thirsty on fuel, for sure, and the paint is very dull, but otherwise at 120,000Km, it’s trouble free and cost free. I think I’ll sit for a while.

I need to be away in part of March (I’ll explain later) and amazingly, I noticed a 14 night ship cruise from Fremantle to Singapore and Asian ports departing 9 March. Perfect! I’ll try to stay on in Singapore before the return flight, to make it three weeks. Boy, that would be good. I’ve been thinking recently, I have not been able to relax, free of worry, for more than two years. A cruise is just the ticket. Boom boom. I’ve got to find out if it’s available, first. Otherwise, Bali. But in a hotel. look forward to that!

However, all that depends on my leg. It’s still heavily pressure bandaged. I need to get the vascular surgeon to either operate, or give me the all clear.

One of the stop-off ports is Port Hedland. Well, I’ve never been there so I should reserve judgement, but Port Hedland???

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