The Slow Boat Has Had Enough of China for Now – part 14

Thursday 6 November 2014

Awoke to nice sunny daylight at 0700. Almost calm sea, about 16C, very nice. Very noticeable was another cruise ship about 3Km off our starboard side, our side of the ship. We were slowly leaving it behind and it was moving away, so dropped from view after a couple of hours.

It’s getting cooler as we go across the Sea of Japan (or the East China Sea).

1615 my time, 1715 Japan time: cooler, windier, rougher. Enough to wear my wind cheater, but quite bearable, maybe 16C.

Position 31.746 deg N, 126.74 deg E bearing 77 deg, speed 31Kmh. GPS works.

Just had coffee on deck 5 and sitting next to an Aussie guy spouting on and on about the differences between Australia and the USA. Another serial talker! I’m surrounded by them. What he was saying wasn’t wrong but it was the usual mix of exaggeration, half truths and rubbish. The Yanks were being polite and staying largely quiet. Much as I dislike Yanks, I am so embarrassed by so many Aussies too.

The skin break on my right leg is dry now but still pretty angry looking. I’ve taken the waterproof dressing off to let it dry out but it looks pretty bad. Obviously there’s no way I can go into the pools. There are still people swimming, even in this cool weather.

At 1722 it’s approaching sunset. Windy as hell.


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