Nearly time

Bromo dawn3Y

© PJ Croft 2016

One sleep to go until I go to Bali again. This time I’ll have some warm arms to meet me there. Yum. Staying in Kuta tomorrow night, then up over the mountains to Pemaron on Thursday. I believe it’s a bit hot?


It was off to Joondalup this morning for the ultrasound scan of my right shoulder. I’ve been having pain, and the theory is it’s bursitis.

Crumbs, I started making appointments with what I thought was plenty of time. I phoned my GP for an appointment on Tues 26 April. The earliest I could get in there was 2 May, a 9 day wait! This is hopeless – 9 days’ wait for a GP appointment? So she referred me for the ultrasound and I phoned for an appointment the same day. The earliest they had available was today, 8 days later!

OK, I figured although I fly tomorrow, it should be OK.  I arrived at the counter this morning for the ultrasound and they told me I should have said I needed an injection this day – I’d have to get another referral and wait a week for the steroid injection. What!!?? I said “Nobody told me this.” The woman said, “Why didn’t you say you’d need a doctor?” I said I didn’t know I had to !!

Anyway I had the ultrasound, and it showed mild bursitis, and was told I could have the injection if I paid the full fee. How much? They didn’t know. Please wait.

So I waited 10 mins and they came back and said please come in and wait. The nurse didn’t know the cost, so she went away and came back – $235. OK, go ahead, I need it now, not in a week’s time.

So I had the injection. Yow! YOW!! It hurt. A long needle right into the shoulder muscle.

All over, take this piece of paper and give it to reception. So I go to reception, she takes the piece of paper and says, “See you later, have a nice day.” “Huh?” I said, “Are you going to send me the bill?” “No, it goes to Medicare”, she said. So I walked out without having to pay anything. Good stuff. I’ll know in a few days whether it’s worked, apparently. It feels a bit better now, I think.


Lucky I’ve got 40kg and two suitcases. I’m carrying some goods for someone. And almost two sets of clothes. Luckily I can leave most of it there when I come back this time.


I still haven’t succeeded in getting any pictures from my OSMO camera. It requires your smart phone to act as controller and viewfinder, and I’ve had a lot of trouble connecting. I’m slowly getting there. I’m taking it all with me as I’ll have plenty of time up there.


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