How frustrating

Wundowie primary

Wundowie Primary School, as it is now, and virtually as it was when I was there in 1955-59.

In composing my book Croft History Vol. 3, I want to include pictures of our years at Werribee 1955-59, but I could only find two, and they weren’t very good. I thought there were no pics from that time.

But yesterday I rediscovered my CD ROM slide show from about 2004 called You Must Remember This. It has a chapter on Werribee and there are all the images I’d forgotten about, around 12 – 15 of them. But where are the original big files? I really do fear they are lost due to disk crashes. In the Trigg house I probably could have found them, but I can’t now. All my stuff went into a big blender and was spat out here, mixed to a paste.

The frustrating thing is that the CD ROM slide show is deliberately designed to prevent the user from copying the images. You can’t print them, or even do a Print Screen. This is to stop people stealing your images. So I’m stymied.

I have a couple of hard drives that I’m not sure if I’ve extracted everything from, but they’re IDE interface, so I’ve got to rig up the adapter. Standby.


I continue to be addicted to If You Are The One, the Chinese TV dating show. The girls or women are just stunning! If you watch regularly you get to know them and I think I’m in love with several of them. In fact, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one, I’d want several.

However, I continue to be amazed at their rejection of what seem to me to be good guys. So many of the men walk away with all 24 women rejecting them, probably 4 out of 5 . Some are rejected for obvious reasons, but some guys seem really good to me, and they are turfed out. I don’t understand it. Women! Crazy.



The new townhouses have this view right under their balconies.

The new townhouses across the street are almost finished now, after about a year’s work. But this means they are laying brick paving and the noise of the brick cutting saw is driving me nuts! All day, every day for the last two weeks, a cut about every ten seconds, non-stop. I’m sick of it! But there’s nothing can be done – the bricks have to be laid. I just have to grin and bear it. It must be finished by now, surely?

I’m very upset by the architecture of these townhouses, though. They are downright ugly, a blight on the landscape. One has its double roller door garages facing out onto the main street next to the Dome cafe. It looks awful. What can I do? Nothing. Don’t look at them. Ugh.



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