You started it, buster.

B0224hiThe Victorian Liberal Party has discovered that someone has embezzled, stolen, around $1m of party funds. They’re all foaming at the mouth about who could have done this.

Michael Kroger, the prominent Liberal man in Melbourne, was being interviewed on TV about it, and he linked it to the ACTU and unions in the biased royal commission hearings!!!

Bloody hell, I nearly choked on my chip. It’s a Liberal man who has stolen this money from the Liberal Party. What’s it got to do with unions???

OK, you dish it out, mate, you can take it. The funds were stolen because that’s what Conservative people like that do, people who seek power in Liberal branches. It’s been shown that they accept donations from members of the Australian mafia (Four Corners). They’re remarkably quiet about that. They are crooks and thieves and embezzlers whenever they see the chance. How the hell can you link this to unions? Disgusting behaviour on the thief’s part but sickening slander from Mr Kroger. I spit.


Probably going to test drive that Mercedes tomorrow, Saturday. Barry has looked it over and says it’s mint! In immaculate condition, still with that new car leather smell.

But I’ve found there’s another CLK in the same dealership, a CLK 350 which is a 3.5L V6. [A CLK by the way, is a 2-door coupe, the same size as a normal large family car. I know 2 doors might be tricky at times, but I virtually never carry more than one passenger so it doesn’t matter to me. The thing is, a 2 door says Hey, I’m a bachelor, sporting man-about-town. I want that! Anyway, the seats are electric, power driven, so when you want to get into the back, you just push the switch and the front seat moves forward. Ha.]

This CLK350 has done 107,000Km, substantially more than the one I’ve been eyeing (43,000Km), but it’s substantially cheaper too, $21,777 vs $36.500. That’s a big saving. That’s swaying me.

But I’ve discovered another beauty in Perth, a private sale. It’s a CL600, a 5.8L V12!





It’s a 2000 model, a bit old, but it’s only done 69,000Km. It’s in immaculate condition from the photos. I’ve spoken to the owner and he’s an oil exploration company CEO who has a young wife and child and four other vehicles. He needs room in his garage.

Speaking of which, it’s 4.994m long and I wonder if it would physically fit in my garage. I think it would with millimetres to spare, which would be no good. I wouldn’t be able to get at the boot. I’ll have to measure the garage.

Although it’s a V12, it has cylinder deactivation, meaning under light load, slow or stopped, six of the cylinders shut off to save fuel, making it a straight six. Amazing. He says you don’t notice it happening, of course, as it should be.

He’s willing to knock $1,000 off for a faulty CD player, making it $39.000. That’s not much different from $36,500 for the other car. Hmmmm. Tough decision.

The problem is, when it’s working it’s fine, but repair and servicing costs are very big. In theory, it only needs one service a year. I hope.

Another point is it has rarity value and may appreciate in value. Possibly.


More crooked pictures. From yesterday. In each case the wonky one is first:

City crooked

Tilted to the right i.e. CW

city straight

Level waterline.

Dam tilted

Tilted to the left.

Dam untilted

Levelled waterline.

Tuncurry tilted

Tilted to the left.

Tuncurry untiltedIn each case above, the first image is tilted one way or the other. In the second pictures, I’ve straightened them. This is glaringly obvious to me. Why do they publish them without fixing them?


I’ve had my claim for return postage for the faulty Yamaha tuner accepted by PayPal. The Sydney shop phoned me yesterday to say they’d received it, confirmed it is dead, and sent me a photo of the box and label. That was enough for PayPal. It’s only $35.40, but … I never thought I would need to use this PayPal service but it’s worked well. Good thing.


I’ve always been an optimist in technology. I’ve always thought there could well be a technological fix for atmospheric CO2 and global warming. Right now I’m listening to the BBC interviewing a US scientist who has discovered a way to take CO2 from the air or any source, split it into oxygen and carbon and the carbon comes out as carbon nano-tubes which are used in carbon-fibre for high strength materials.

The plants to do this can do it with solar power, and he suggests putting plants in the desert areas of Australia, among other places. It’s still only a lab demonstration and it may not work out, but it’s grounds for optimism.


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