Bali – Sun 3 Jan 2016


At the Balinese dance. She’ll go far.  (C) PJ Croft 2016

Damn, another sleepless night. I don’t understand why some nights I sleep well, and other nights it’s terrible. I got a reasonable amount of exercise yesterday. I was tired. I guess it’s probably because of my 1pm nap. Yet I don’t want to stop the naps. Sigh.


This is a very nice hotel. So far, this is a place I’d come back to, the only one apart from the one in Ubud. The bathroom here is very nice. The shower recess is enclosed by absolutely clear frameless plate glass about 5mm thick. It looks very classy. As long as you keep the glass clean, but when they clean every day, it’s easy.


Oasis Lagoon pool.

Here’s part of the pool. It extends to another section the same size, past that curtain of greenery on the right. I overlook the pool from my room and I can open my doors to the balcony and sit out there. It’s magic.


If only I could go into the pool. I checked my left leg this morning (ie took the plasters off) and there are still two open and raw spots. Can’t risk infection. I’ve got a waterproof dressing but getting it to seal completely is not easy. Can’t risk going into the water. Anyway, I used iodine dressing under the top plaster. Bit messy for the pool. [See below]



Nagasaki moon. (C) PJ Croft 2014, 2016

I’ve got the hang of using Vimeo to insert video in this blog. Now try and stop me. I think I’ll pay the US$59.95 for the Pro version which will speed the uploading. Soon.


5.30pm: I finally had to go to the BIMC, the Bali International Medical Centre, to get help with my leg. It wasn’t an emergency, it was just that I couldn’t cope with it by myself. I needed help with cleaning and dressings. It was gettin’ too messy and I can’t reach around to the back of my leg.

I was happy enough with the examination and treatment, although it’s not over yet. It was a female Chinese looking doctor and a Balinese male nurse. She did an ultrasound and was happy with it. But she’s put me on intravenous antibiotic, plus an oral one as well. I have to go back each day this week for the next infusion of the IV antibiotic until I leave on Thursday. That’s OK, I’m not exactly pushed for time.

But the cost was a bit more than I was expecting. Today’s cost was A$220 including the cost of the medications. I don’t know what each subsequent visit is going to cost – not as much as that, I hope. I have travel insurance but I’ll bet they won’t pay out on this – pre-existing condition, I’d say. I’ll have to think about how I could swing it. It’s no small sum.

Definitely no going into the pool, I’m afraid. Still, I can shower and lounge, can’t I?

I caught a taxi there and the guy waited for me, more than 90 mins at least. He seems a good guy and speaks good English, so I’ve asked him to come on each day this week for the kembali visits. As well, I’m getting him to take me to visit my Balinese friend with the crispy duck restaurant and his lovely assistant. It’ll be a surprise, I haven’t told them I’m here. Maybe they won’t be there? We’ll see. I plan to ask about progress on his school, and maybe assist.


I’ll pick up on Spectre, the Bond movie, tonight. I had to go to bed half way through last night. The quality of the DVD is great. This is not a ‘recorded off the cinema screen’ copy, or a Chinese counterfeit with subtitles.

It’s action packed, of course; what more can I say? It’s typical James Bond. Not bad, that’s all.


Restaurant Pano1

Oasis Lagoon restaurant. That’s Jl. Danau Tamblingan at left.


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