Lovina, Kalisada


A little bit of Austria in Bali? Me at V’s house. Very nice, but isolated.

Too many things to remember at this instant, so notes for later.

Arrived MyLovina Hotel Sunday 2.30pm after nice drive via Bedugul. Driver Tony: Made got the days mixed up, thought I meant Monday, Tony substituted. Good drive. 550,000 + 50,000 bonus.

Big room, not very effective aircon, right near the beach but beach dirty and grey sand.

Schwim, dinner at small bar across street, German girls.

Monday, yesterday, drive to Kalisada house where V lives. She has her own car, Diahatsu Xenia, small 2WD but like SUV.


My model. V in her garden, looking happy!

Fast driving! Alon alon, V, ja? Slowly, slowly please. V’s house like Austrian chalet, very isolated. No beach access, no pool, no aircon, but beautiful ocean breezes. Very rural, very local, at the end of a track through paddies.

Breakfast at hotel, because our room faces sun and room 1 is better, would we like to move over? Ja, so we pack up all our stuff. Come 1230pm, it turns out they gave that room to someone else! Without telling us! So we packed up for nothing. V was furious. Gave them a blast. But, nothing for it, unpack again.

Tiring day for me, always a bit tired. Dinner at new restaurant in main drag. OK, but nothing much. Nice company though. We never seem to run out of things to talk about. 🙂


Showed V a lot of photos last night and she approves. Bagus! Had a new experience for me. Awake until 2.30am. Awoke again at 5.30am, so not a lot of sleep for me last night. No doubt I’ll crash after early swim (I say schwim now 🙂 ) and breakfast.