Lazy day


Japan, 1992   (C) PJ Croft 2016

Hmmmm, can’t get going today. A bit tired. I was surprised to have a doorknock this morning and a hotel guy deliver me a plate of fruit, compliments of the hotel. I don’t know why, but it’s a nice gesture. Unfortunately, fruit is something I have to restrict – blood sugar takes too much of a fast hit.

The plate consists of: two very green small bananas, a small bunch of grapes (bet they’re sweet), an orange (green in colour), a sala (new one to me) and a mangosteen. Yipes. All full of sugar.

I have renewed reason to lose weight, the obvious being for appearance, but also to try to control my diabetes better. Although my last HbA1c was good at 7.1, I still feel the effects – tiredness, vision changes, a general shaky, low energy feeling. I must try harder. I lost all that weight in 2008, I can do it again.



The Japanese Olympic Synchronised Viewing team.     (C) PJ Croft 1992, 2016

Funny, I’m sleeping much better. I wonder why that would be?  😉

Just working out the logistics of going up to Lovina for a couple of days. It’s a long way and a driver has to pay for both ways, and a place to stay for two nights if he stays up there too. Difficult. Of course, when the High Speed Mass Rapid Transport goes in …  I asked Putuh about the rumours of a new airport on the north coast. Just rumours, I’m afraid. maybe later.


Dang, I spilt blood again last night. The door to the wardrobe opens oddly and I kicked my third toe on the left foot against it. It bled a fair bit and I had to clean and dress it quick smart. Blood in Indonesian is darah, I’m told.

I think I’ll go out to buy some more cephalexin, too. I’ve only got one capsule left, and I want to keep it going for the remainder of this trip, another five days. That’s 20 capsules, at 10 per strip, two strips, about $21 I think.

I’ve got the hots for another watch:


Compass and thermometer, two useful gizmos. Only US$58. I’ll see if I can find it here.


Took a taxi to Galeria and found cephalexin easily this time. Not sure why it was so difficult last week. Taxi there, Rp100,000 (from Sanur). Kura Kura bus home, Rp40,000.

I asked forcefully at the KK Bus desk why they don’t stop at Bel-resort or Oasis Lagoon as they advertise and I got something about contracts not being renewed and taxis. OK, can’t be helped.

No luck with the watch.

Checked with Made about transport to Lovina and back – Rp700,000 (A$70) each way. That was his price for the whole way around the east and north coasts. It seems a bit high for a much shorter distance. He hinted that he’ll be competitive. I’ll hope so.

I’ve just had dinner and asked for Kway Teow seafood, and got chicken kway teow. I sent it back because the sea food is much nicer, IMHO. I was very thirsty and had two lemon juices, and dessert, and it came to Rp195,000 A$19.50. Crumbs, Bali ain’t cheap any more. This was in the hotel restaurant.

And so to bed, dog tired.