Bang bang bong barong



Barong! Bing bang bong. These kids were out on the street having fun last night. It was strictly amateur, but it’s better than lurking and dealing drugs back home.

I love gamelan music, which this is not, but it was great to see these boys enjoying themselves. A full gamelan orchestra is  a sight to behold and a wonderful sound. It is to me, anyway.

Bali musicman 85N

Full gamelan orchestra, Kuta 1983  (C) PJ Croft 2016

Gamelan orchestras, Kuta 1983   All images (C) PJ Croft 2016

Ubud kids band 479V

Ubud 1983      (C) PJ Croft 2016


I’ve just had a good chat with two guys who live in these units full time. Both own their units (or long term lease them, that is) and one owns three, living in one and renting the others out. That would solve my requirements, because he’s very keen to do business and is open to haggling. He showed me one of the empty ones and it has hand railing. Both guys’ units do, and they were very surprised to hear my unit doesn’t.

I told them of my list of ‘requirements’ and they were in full agreement. They want to set up a residents’ committee to deal with these things. When I said that I would like to spend more time here, they welcomed me, being of ‘the right age’ and right type and so on. One’s a retired construction engineer and has given me his card. Anyone want to buy a unit? He’s keen to sell or lease.

I’m not interested in buying, but I could come back in May/June. That would solve my problem. Hmmm. Nice guys, anyway.


Aaargh, another bad night for sleep last night. Dammit, I drop off easily, last a couple of hours, then wake and can’t get back to sleep. I think I dozed for a couple more hours but I feel awful now at midday. Now I’ll have to climb those damn stairs again.


I started watching the movie Bridge of Spies last night. I had to stop in the middle, but good movie! Tom Hanks is the main star and the other is Mark Rylance. Never heard of him, but he looks familiar and is excellent. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.


And the mistakes just keep on comin’.

“… the double jeopardy clause of the US constitution prevents Mr Simpson from prosecution,” Prevents? Protects, I’d say.

“Double jeopardy is a principal of US law …” Er, I think he means principle. Both of these are by one writer in The Guardian. Not the paper’s fault, but lax subbing.

By coincidence there’s an article about grammar today, so I’ve posted those in the comments.

And from a photography blog: “… how they concepted an image“. Down the page in another post: “… photographers teach you about how they concepted an image

What?! How about the perfectly useful word conceived?