Odalan ceremony, Sanur


Odalan ceremony, Sanur, 4 june 2016    (C) PJ Croft 2016

This is an automated edit produced by Cyberlink Power Director of the Odalan Balinese ceremony last Saturday 4 June.This is the first time I’ve used this program so I didn’t know what the result would be until it was done. It’s not the best I can do, I’m afraid, but as it takes so long to render and upload (more than 6 hours), I’ll have to redo it later.

This ceremony was special, apart from the regular 210 day interval, it was a once in 30 years celebration as well, so we were privileged to be there and to have such intimate access.

Sorry, I’ve removed this video because it’s not good enough. I’ll remake it and post it next time. PJC

The parade preparations had been in progress literally all week in the street, Jalan Kusuma Sari leading to Semawang Beach, outside our hotel.

The crowd started assembling at about 1pm and the procession set off about 2 o’clock. It made its way to the beach, about 250m, with a solemn ceremony there, then came back around 4pm. At one stage in the return, we were hemmed in so tightly that we couldn’t go forward, back or sideways. Being right next to the gamelan orchestra made it very exciting for me, as I love this music.

All the video was shot in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels, 25p) on a Panasonic FZ1000 stills camera. Nice machine!

I’ve used Xilisoft Video Converter to reduce the frame sizes to 1280 x 720 so as to be able to upload the result to Vimeo. The music, particularly, has to be replaced, of course.


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