My arm has been twisted

NYE 2019, with my good friend Isabella at the Court Hotel, Northbridge. This was under very red lights. I had two women tap me on the shoulder and say how much they liked my top. Guys don’t do that!

Oh, OK then. I’ve been asked for pictures, heh heh. I’ve shot my mouth off so I guess I can show myself now.
These were in 2007:

2007, the year after I started seriously going out.

God I was nervous. I used to sneak to the carport and check that next-door wouldn’t see me. I’ve got over that.
Unfortunately I don’t have those clothes any more. When you’re a cross dresser, you tend to have periodic dumps of shame, purges. But I’m over that now.

Even though it’s a bit blurred, this is one of my favourite shots. Taken by a friend. Look at that complexion! 2007.
Taken by another lady friend, a very good photographer. 2007 aged 60. I used to help her with her computer.
2012 Aged 65. Taken by another photographer friend at a cafe in Subiaco. I’ve lost those earrings and the necklace. Wish I hadn’t.

These are some of my favourites. I’m lucky I have friends who are pretty good photogs. More later.


2 comments on “My arm has been twisted

  1. Thank you. They are lovely.

  2. Pete says:

    Thank you. Those last three are remarkable, aren’t they? You are looking at a 65yo man here, yet I am taken as a woman all the time. I’m thrilled.

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