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I confess, that photo is from 2007, but I like it and I don’t think I’ve changed much. Ha ha.

Welcome to Bull’s Roar, a blog I started in 2009. I started it because, when I was on a trip to Europe in September and October 2008, I was writing detailed daily emails home, and people seemed to like them. They told me they wanted them to continue.

OK, I thought it might be interesting to keep writing, and here I am several years later, still churning out the bull.

Why the name Bull’s Roar? Well, way back in my high school days, my nickname was Bull, and among my closest friends it’s stuck. They tend to call me Peter or Pete these days, but I don’t mind Bull – it’s an honourable name!

The other thing is the expression, “Doesn’t come within a bull’s roar”, meaning “not even close”. Finding a unique name for your blog is not easy and luckily that one was available.

Perth, Western Australia.  This is the Swan River, looking west. You can see Rottnest Island in the distance.  I took this shot from an aircraft coming in to land at Perth Airport.   As you know that’s a pretty shaky, bumpy time, yet this shot is very sharp, thanks to the Pentax K-5’s amazing image stabilisation. Click on it for a full size image.  Great camera.

I’m 73 (as of 12 Feb 2020), retired, and free as a bird. I have plenty of time to write and once I get going, you can’t stop me. I can be pretty opinionated, but I hope I’m also pretty good humoured too.

Anyway, read on and please feel free to leave comments. I’m really writing this blog as a means of self expression now, and also because I want to make it into  a book one day. Yes, it can be done quite easily. If you want to know how, just ask.

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7 comments on “About Me

  1. Ryan says:

    Hi there,
    I’m writing from Australian Financial Review Photo desk, we’d like to use your photo of the Perth skyline in 1988, would please get in touch to discuss?
    Thank you

  2. wido peppinck says:

    Hi Peter

    Just read your blog on my late Stepfather Jan Vermazen-thank you…is it possible to get some of your recollections on him at some stage and your connection to him?…not only was he ultra polite, but also very reticent to talk about his life and achievements…I’d like to capture any memories for the family..

    kind regards

    Wido Peppinck

    • Pete says:

      Hi Wido, sorry to take so long to reply. Unfortunately, as you say, Jan was a very private guy and I never got past the polite smile and “Good morning Peter” in all those years. The main things I remember were his supervision of the ladies in the film vault who assembled all the reels of film, splicing in the commercials and putting the big reels onto special trollies. These ladies were amazing in their accuracy – they never made a mistake. Jan kept a fatherly eye on them, I think, but they didn’t need much help. They too were European women, all hard workers who didn’t say much.
      In later years, Jan supervised the film processing machine in Group Colour. This was a job requiring meticulous control of the chemicals for consistent colour development. Again, we just never had any worries about it – he did a perfect job. For that, he used to wear white overalls all day. That’s my overriding memory of him.
      I don’t think I have anything more. It’s possible I might have a photo, but I’m in Bali at the moment and can’t access my pictures. If I have anything to add, I will. Sorry it’s not more. Regards, Peter

  3. wido peppinck says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your prompt reply and for your reflections on Jan. They are much appreciated and add a little to the overall picture of him. As I mentioned before, he was very reticent to talk about himself and as a teenage boy when he met my mother, I had little interest in his work and he certainly did not talk about it.

    I have been liaising with Ken Mckay who was also a former work colleague of Jan’s and hope to catch up with Ken in the next few weeks. I don’t know if you have seen it, but Ken is one of the operators of a W A TV history webpage and has posted an article on Jan on the page; –


    If you do find any photos of Jan on your return to Perth, I’d appreciate a copy.

    Enjoy Bali

    Kind regards


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