This is torture

I don’t think this is working. The change to Vivid Wireless and Gmail is just driving me insane.

Don’t believe the advertising! Speeds of 40Mb/s on 4G WiMax technology? Rubbish. Maybe if you’re 10m from a phone tower in a Liberal Party electorate with the wind at 13knots from the NE.

My experience so far is that I just cannot get better than a yellow signal strength LED (out of red/yellow/green) and mostly it’s red. Even if I can get a yellow, I only need to shift my body position and it goes to red. In other words, nowhere in my house or near neighbourhood can I get good signal strength, despite being only 1.5Km from the phone towers that I know about at Karrinyup. I can’t directly see them due to the trees, but they should be pretty close to line of sight from me.

Just to start typing this blog entry, it took me more than 5 mins of shifting the modem to get the Gmail system to stop saying “Wait”. I’ve had to power cycle the ViViFi modem because it lost the signal completely at one stage.

It can be good. I downloaded a software item yesterday at about 300KB/s or 2.4Mb/s, bu that’s a  far cry from 40Mb/s they advertise.

I’m also finding Gmail is as slow as a wet week too. I don’t think I can rely on it as my only email supplier. It’s useful as a portable email system, but I won’t be happy to be totally dependent on it.

This blog software is also so full of bugs that they ought to mount it as a display in a Natural History Museum. This is impossible! I’ve just tried to add a picture to this item, but after waiting 2-3 mins, I just can’t get any response from the Google Blogger. So no picture.

Another example, I just pressed Enter twice to move down two lines and the cursor just disappeared! I have to use the mouse to click on where I want to be to continue. I can’t work this way. I typed the entries in Bali in my room in TypePad and pasted them into the blog, so I didn’t notice it too much then. But I shouldn’t have to do that!

So the search resumes. I’ll have to go back to trying for a land-line solution, ie ADSL over the copper wires. WiFi is great for its intended purpose, but it’s not 100% reliable.

So for the Liberal Party to say we don’t need a National Broadband Network of optical fibre and we can just use wireless instead is just crap. They don’t understand technology. Fibre is rock solid, immune to interference, with HUGE capacity that doesn’t degrade.

I heard a good analogy on the radio a few days ago:

Railways were the big nation building challenge of the 19th century, connecting the cities of Australia with high speed high capacity transport.

Roads and freeways were the big nation building project of the 20th century, adding to the high speed passenger and freight connections across the country.

Nation wide fibre-optic connections are the nation building project of the 21st century. They are the 21st century analogy of railways and roads to increase our industrial and scientific capabilities.

The stupid opponents of the NBN are a ball and chain around our ankles. We spend more on gambling than the NBN will cost! High speed, high capacity fibre optic cable is necessary for our future.

Bunkum. Bunkus.

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