Aaaah, Peace At Last.

What a rotten night last night was. I won’t make that mistake again. You think a flight time of 8pm from Perth is good, but as I explained in the last posting, it meant I had to spend the night in the lobby here at the hotel, and it was awful.

I should have taken the room on offer, I suppose, but considering my booking was for $65 per night, and their “cut rate” for half a day was $72, you can see why I baulked. I managed to doze a bit, but I always wake feeling as if I’m choking – that’s sleep apnea.

I had a bit of breakfast when the restaurant opened at 7am, but the coffee was awful, the fruit was supposed to come with yoghurt but didn’t and although I pointed it out, they still charged the same price, and I didn’t qualify for the buffet because I wasn’t a guest yet.

However, by 9am I was pretty desperate and asked the desk when I could get my room. They said “one hour”, but soon after they came good and now I’m in room 204, same floor as the lobby, even though I feel as if I’m several floors above the pool.

The room is fantastic – this is a fully international standard hotel and even though it doesn’t feel Balinese, it’s very comfortable. I’ve got a huge velvet armchair – just what I like for reading and watching DVDs etc. The TV is an awful CRT set, but of course, with this laptop, I can watch anything, DVDs, even BluRays in HD, and of course streaming video from anywhere in the world.

Yes, the wifi works in the room and it’s quite fast, so I’m a happy man. It means I can post pics and video on this site.

It’s now 1.30pm and I’ve had about two hours sleep, so I’m feeling much happier. I might even order room service for lunch, something I normally never do, but I’m still in my jarmies and hope to sleep some more. Nasi Campur (mixed savoury rice) is $7.65 including the ++ (service and tax, the sneaky b…s), but what the hell, live it up!

I had a minute or two of sheer panic this morning though when I unpacked. I had all my CPAP gear, except one part of the mask, the important nose part. Aaaarrrgh! I thought I’d left it behind. Sheer panic! I nearly started making desperate phone calls to get someone to go to my place and find it and post it up here.

But no, I had put that part in my toiletries bag to protect it better, something I’ve never done before. Phew!

So the rain has finally stopped and although the sky is still grey, it’s brightening up, as am I.

Now to have some lunch and do a bit of exploring the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, this hotel is on a major “freeway” and I don’t think I can just walk down the street to eat. They run a shuttle bus every hour to Kuta and Sanur, so…

Selemat siang.


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