Blog booking

Did I mention bugs?   © PJ Croft 2012
As I said, let’s not miss a day. Might get hit by an asteroid!
I made a donation to BlogBooker yesterday This is a website that makes it possible to translate your blog (this site) into a PDF document, both for archiving/backup reasons but also because one day, our descendants will be able to read it if they want to. (Thanks Ian.)
The “donation” is so that the hi res images from the blog go through to the PDF document. It’s only E10 (10 Euros – I tried to find the symbol in Character Map, but it’s not there in this font – that’s shocking) = $13.50.
When you donate, the site asks if you want to list your blog. I left the field empty. It all went through and I thought that was that.
I was surprised next day to get a personally addressed email from them, just signed BlogBooker, asking if I want to list my blog. I replied explaining that, no, at the moment it’s a bit personal, full of grief about my dog etc etc. Those who know about it know where to find it, etc. Maybe later.
I got a very nice reply, “Sorry to hear about your dog, let us know if you decide later and we’ll list your blog etc etc.” Well, that was a surprise. Germany, I think.

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