The cane

The cane. I said yesterday that I got the “cuts” from the maths teacher in my school days.
It happened in 1964 at Northam Senior High School. Late in the year, upper floor, near the Art room, next to the SE stairs, afternoon maths class.
He’s a nice enough bloke and I don’t feel it affected me badly, and I do not make any defamatory statements about his character, but the point is, I remember it clearly: you humiliated me in front of the whole maths class by doing that, mate.
I was one of the top students. I didn’t expect to get caned, and it was for something as trivial as being late with maths homework or something.
The point is, I had to stand in front of the whole mixed class with my right hand out and take four or six lashes from you with a 3/8″ rattan cane.
It hurt a bit physically, but the fact that I can remember it clearly shows that it wasn’t without lasting effects.

And now, 48 years later, despite your exalted achievements, I don’t have to keep quiet any more. I used to be introverted, but I don’t need to kowtow any more.  I agree, it was the done thing at the time, but events have consequences. It’s not the pain that lingers, it’s the humiliation, and kids should not have to suffer that!

What stirred this post is that I had no idea until yesterday that the use of the cane is still legal in WA and two schools are still using it! I thought it had been outlawed, but apparently not so.

Oh Dog, it’s raining outside and Minnie has not come looking for her dinner. I gave her a nice big chunk of meaty bone at 5pm, but she usually comes to the door at 6.30pm for the main course. I fear I one night I am going to find her lying in the cold wet sand, unable to get up. This is hard.

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