Only in America

I’ve removed these
pictures of Chuck Norris. 
I can’t stand the guy. 
 I don’t want to see him! 
Only in America!
Chuck Norris, y’know, that 1980s pseudo TV tough guy, devout Christian, has written an article saying there’s no place for gay children or youths in America’s (I emphasise, America’s) Scout movement.
In the same article, a woman who happens to be lesbian was asked, no, told to step aside from her role as leader of a Scout troop in her area. Not a Girl Guides troop – these were boy scouts.
But additionally, her son was also told to leave the Scout troop!  Her son is blamed for some perceived deviance of his mother!

Only in America? I fear not. Witness the boy in New Zealand who was barred from child care because his mother is HIV positive. “The sins of the father are often visited upon the son …” I don’t know who said it, but it’s still true. [And will continue to be true, as long as people lack the courage to stand up and take a stand against it. Easy for me to say, I know.]

Remember that the former Republican presidential candidate in 2009, (what was his name, that ancient former Marine? so memorable, so forgettable – white hair, old, ultra-ultra conservative) chose him, Chuck Norris as a future Secretary of Defense in his administration, alongside the nutcase Sarah Palin.
Just count your lucky stars – we nearly had a super hawkish ex-Marine war heeroh as President,  with another nut case as VP, and a Neanderthal brain deficient Ultra Christian  ex movie tough guy as Sec Def, all with their fingers on the nuclear trigger.  Oooowwww!

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