A REAL foreign country  © PJ Croft 2008, 2012
The other day I was talking to someone in Sydney (by email, of course) and mentioned the awful stuff up on Radio National on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. At about 7am, Mark Colvin’s voice (AM) was mixed over Fran Kelly’s voice for three minutes! At full, equal level, so that neither could be heard properly. When is someone going to wake up and stop it? I was thinking.
The Sydney person said yeah, it happened there at 7am too.
So even though it MUST have been obvious, it was not considered important enough to fix it before the two hour delayed program was replayed in WA.  Two hours, but they didn’t fix it for us.
This is Sydney arrogance at its worst. I am making a formal complaint to the ABC management. It’s not the first time it’s happened of course, things like this happen all the time on our ABC.
I mentioned to the Sydney (ABC, of course) person that we are a bit sick of the neglect of WA. We are regarded as a foreign country over here, we don’t matter. The two hour delay of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant is a prime example. Two hour delayed??!! Oh, it’s only WA. I am sick of it.
I said I’m reminded of Kruschev’s Cold War speech about the West: “We will bury you.” He was referring to Communism, of course, but … draw your own conclusions.
This gives me an idea: I’m quite an admirer of New Zealand. I’ve found that whatever Kiwis do, they do it well. Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings series is an example. Cheese is another – NZ cheese is brilliant. NZ wines are another example – they decide to get into it and they do it superbly well.
So, WA and NZ form a new country. We have the wealth and the jobs here. They have the scenery and the expertise and the ideas – they won the Americas Cup, after we did, don’t forget, and held it longer than we did. We get to have cheap holidays and skiing in NZ. What? We’ve got that already? Yeah, OK,
That way we form a vise over the eastern states of Australia. We squeeze the bastards. They’ll need a passport to go either way.
What are we gunna call it? WANZ? NewZWA? I’m working on it.


I’m reading The Guardian on the banking scandal in London. The head of Barclays  Bank worked a deal that saw the bank pay him a huge salary, plus an amount equal to the tax on that salary, plus an amount equal to the tax on the tax benefit as well. So that he got the bank to pay him a tax free salary, free of tax!

If it wasn’t so sick and dishonest it would be funny. But the effect is that people are losing confidence in the banks in Britain, and when that happens, they take their money out, and when enough people do that, banks fail, and then more people lose confidence and the system draws ever nearer to collapse. Then the government is called on to step in and save the banks with public funds and …

All based on the greed of a relatively few men. Who drive their Rolls Royces and Jaguars back to their homes and hold dinner parties with their trophy wives …

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