Ouch. Ouch! Yow!

Yowww. Yoowwww! Aaaaargh.  Errrrrrggghhh. That’s me in recent days, Sunday and yesterday particularly, yelling with pain. It’s mostly why I haven’t written anything here for a week.

My left shin has been a bit ulcerated for most of this year, probably longer, and I hadn’t worried too much about it. It didn’t hurt or get worse, just itched, but the hospitals have looked askance and told me to get it looked at.

It was being dressed at the GP’s surgery in the past few weeks, but the week before last, it got away. Staph bacteria, so I took an antibiotic for that, but it didn’t improve. Then last week it got redder and angrier and spread to the whole shin, weeping like mad (watery exudate coming through the skin). I’ve got photos from each day, but I don’t think you’d want to see them. OK, maybe one, but I’ll tone it down.


That’s literally toned down, only 50% saturation. It looks a lot worse in full colour.

But on Sunday, after the Silver Chain nurse left, it started hurting real bad and got worse. By 1130 am it was 8 or 9/10. Panadeine Forte wasn’t helping. I could hardly think or speak.

Emily the angel  took me up to a Whitfords medical centre open on Sunday and luckily there were only two people waiting. The doc got the results of a swab from last Thursday and it was Pseudomonas and Enterococcus, so I’d been wasting a week on penicillin because P. Monas is penicillin resistant. He prescribed two different antibiotics.

He also prescribed oxycodone, which I would have resisted if it wasn’t for being given one capsule in Joondalup Hospital a few weeks ago. It’s an addictive painkiller if misused, so I got a very small dose.

Well, this pain was so bad that even that didn’t stop it. I also had Panadeine Forte but I wasn’t sure if I could use both. Emily said I could, so by bedtime I was OK but drowsy.

That was Sunday. On Monday in the morning it seemed much better and the Silver Chain nurse re-dressed it and all seemed fine. But by 11am the pain was baaaack. Yow! 8/10. Again, oxy didn’t stop it, or didn’t seem to. I took another one at 4pm and it slowly subsided and I slept OK last night.

Today it’s much better. Still hurting at times, but only 5/10 and OK at this moment. Let’s hope it continues to improve.


All this has made it impossible to clean up the house and do the odd jobs I need to do for the house sale. No energy, limping badly. I might need to get the boys back to do some work. They’re cheap workers, but I’m not sure they’re good value. Each time, I look at the results of two hours paid work and think, “It didn’t get done.”  All the things I ask them to do seem to get forgotten.

Maybe if I stand and supervise them? Do this, then do this next, no, this! Maybe I’d be better off getting someone older and more professional.


Oh yeah … remember my awful experience with the company called Carpet Call in July? Where I was forced to leave all my furniture and belongings outside for the entire weekend because of a gorilla of a carpet layer?

Naturally, I documented it all and made a written complaint. The complaint was very restrained, on Barry’s advice.

A few weeks went by and I got a call from the WA Lay Manager asking me to re-submit my documentation. That told me they’d either lost it or binned it. Great start. This was early September.

By the last week of September I’d heard nothing, so I sent another email setting a deadline of 30 Sept.

On the last business day I got a call from some guy called Jacob at head office of Carpet Call. He accused me of having an “altercation” with the carpet layer. That’s a lie and defamatory as far as I’m concerned. Then he told me Carpet Call would not be doing anything for me.

I said, “You realise I’m not satisfied and will take this further?” He didn’t respond.

So, let battle commence!

What a rotten company. This is the worst customer experience I’ve ever had and I’m not going to lie down and take it. It’s all documented, with photos, and physical evidence of the nail strips they left lying around, and with four witnesses.

What an amazing attitude! They don’t know who they’ve taken on. This will rebound on them, that’s for sure. I have nothing to lose, but they have already lost the business of one of the witnesses and they have a LOT to lose. Stupid fools. I have lots of ideas.


Despite all this trouble, I’ve finished my book on Java at last. It’s a Photobook, a coffee table book with photos and text. I compose it using Photobook’s software, then send it off on the ‘net  to Sydney for printing. I did one in 2010 on the South West of WA and it was a big success, so I started this next one on Java the same year.

All the troubles of 2010, 2011 and this year have meant it’s lain idle for too long, so I’ve finally buckled down and finished it in the last few days. It’s ready to be sent off, but I need to be careful that my internet connection is solid because it’ll take at least an hour to send off. Maybe I’ll do it overnight, when the net is a bit quieter.

These books aren’t cheap. This one will cost about $140 I think, with 95 pages. And I need two copies. You get 10% discount off the second copy, but …

I’m afraid the second copy of my first book on the South West is in Bali. I loaned it to someone up there and despite saying how expensive it was and I needed it back, I didn’t get it. Oh well. I hope it’s being looked after.


Phew, tired.