Busy bodies


In the thunderstorm a few hours ago, I was mostly asleep. I heard noises but I thought it was just the wind banging my blinds.

I awoke to find Minnie missing. The front wide gate was closed but the small gate was resting on the latch from the home open yesterday. In other words, I think she got out there. She thinks she can run away from thunder.

By coincidence, I’d removed her collar last night to change the registration tag. Groan. She’s on the loose with no collar. It’s raining. I don’t feel like chasing her.

But I thought I’d better, so I headed out the gate. Just at that moment, a bloke brought her to the front lawn. Thank goodness.

But he proceeded to reprimand me for the sore on her right cheek. “Do you know she’s got a big sore?” in a fairly strong tone. Well, she’s 14 years old, I said.

“Have you got some zinc cream? Otherwise the flies will be driving her mad.”

Gee, thanks mate. I couldn’t say anything, but mind your own business! Do you think I don’t know? It’s not true – she doesn’t have any trouble.  I’m glad he returned her, but I don’t want to be ticked off by a stranger thanks.

A guest on Russell Wolf’s radio program the other day was saying he was offended by someone making a gratuitous remark about his hairy body in a gym pool. “Do you have to pay extra to use the pool?” Yeah, very funny, and the caller was pretty upset about it.

It reminded me that I’ve had cracks made about my beard – it was pure white, and twice in lifts women have made cracks to their kids about Father Christmas’s beard, without my permission.

It boils down to manners. I’m afraid they are being lost.


Home open yesterday and only one visitor, which is a bit discouraging, but it was a young guy and he brought his dad along, I’m told, looking at it as an investment.

What’s encouraging is that two more houses a few doors down have come onto the market as well. One is on sale for $930,000 and the other for $880,000. These are all the same sized blocks, so that makes mine an absolute bargain in comparison at $729,000. If the young guy could afford this house, he’d be setting himself up for a big gain by doing some hard work to fix it up. The median price is $850,000 in this street.


Speaking of that, Barry asked me to phone the council and find out if any building permits have been issued since the house was built. Apparently, some buyers will discover some anomaly after the sale is done and come back at the seller months or years later. By disclosing up front, caveat emptor.

What they told me is that there have been no permits issued since it was built. That means the bedroom added on before I arrived in 1986, and I think it was done not long before, was never approved! Bloody hell. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a pro job, but I never thought to ask.

Barry wants me to go back and ask for copies of the original plans from when it was built. I think it was 1972 or thereabouts. Wish me luck.


Leg is vastly improved, thanks. I only have an antibacterial film, a pad and a pressure sock over it now. The skin has almost closed over, just a 3mm diam. area left. No pain any more. Debbie, the Silver Chain nurse, thinks this coming M ,W, F might be the last visits needed. My main wish is not to have to put my leg in a garbage bag to shower!