Nearly there

ImageThree ships. Tuesday 30 October about 5.30pm. Pentax K-5, ISO800, Pentax 50-200mm lens.

Phwoar. It’s good to be pain free. My leg has nearly healed (heeled? Boom, boom) and I reckon I might even be able to leave the bandaging off after tomorrow. Debbie, the S/C nurse said she may not have to come on Friday. Not that I don’t want to see her, but it’ll be a sign I’m out of the crisis.


I’m still on Ciprofloxacin though, and will be for the next two weeks to finish the course. Can’t risk another infection. The Four Corners program on antibiotics last night was truly frightening. There’s no question, if the pseudomonas bug becomes antibiotic resistant, I would lose my leg as the spread of the necrosis was so quick and the penetration so deep. Pseudomonas is already penicillin resistant. Scary.


What strange weather. So hot on Saturday but so cool now. I had breakfast with friends at Soda cafe on the beachfront this morning, sitting outside, but when it was time, we all felt the need to leave as we were getting too cold.


I’m utterly frustrated in composing my book on Java. Everything has been going fine for 100 pages, but now that I’m doing the final 10 pages, it keeps crashing every time I try to do proof outputs with pictures on the page. Text only is fine, but when there’s a picture on the page as well, it crashes with a cryptic message. Maybe I don’t need to worry about outputting the proof pages (full resolution checks). Maybe I ignore the proofing process and just output the entire book as a pdf and take it to the printing stage?

Similarly, at this moment I’m sitting watching the spinning wheel after I tried to insert a picture at the top of this page. It won’t upload the image (it’s only 87KB, fds!) but neither can I stop it.

So I’ll just hit Publish Post and hope.

Nope! An hour later, after I’ve been to the shops, it’s still spinning its wheels. This is a new attempt.

Who you? What you doin’?

I completely forgot about these photos that were taken on 15 Sept. I reckon this is a young kooka from the group I saw on 1 July.  These photos were taken with my 120-400mm lens (180-600mm on the Pentax K-5) at full zoom, hand held. I just upped the dial to ISO800 and the image stabilisation took care of the rest. You couldn’t do this in the days of film!