On and on and on

I spoke to soon on Tuesday evening – the pain wasn’t bad that day, but yesterday it was back with a vengeance. It starts up when the dressing is removed and reapplied by Silver Chain. The fluid in the leg redistributes and the pain starts soon after. 8/10 again.

I had to take two Oxys, then an hour later when they had no effect, I took two Tramadol as well. That helped a bit, but I became so drowsy I slept for two hours. Not sleep, just dozing, still aware of the pain. It was better by 5pm, bearable, and I got to sleep OK last night, but woke at 1:30am and I’ve only dozed since. It’s 7am now.

At least the Pseudomonas seems to have been stopped. The ooze is no longer green. We’ll see what it’s like when it’s unwrapped today.

Ha, I was just thinking of writing “there’s a sliver lining” to this, when I realised there really is a silver lining. Silver Chain for one thing, but also, they’re using silver impregnated dressing strips. Silver is a good antibacterial agent.

So is honey. I should try that in other areas myself.


The silver lining I was thinking of is that I’ve been delayed in sending off my latest book for printing. It’s a photobook, not a literary masterpiece, but contains a fair amount of descriptive material.

I thought I’d finished it and was nearly going to press the Send button, but realised late yesterday that it’s far from finished. It’s a book on Java, and I’d forgotten to include my 1996 stint in Jakarta working at the production company.

That was absolutely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, so it’s definitely worth adding in. I wasn’t doing full-on photography then, but I’ve got enough photos to make a chapter, as well as many good memories to write about. Another few days’ work, then. Actually, the photos (slides and negs) are in a box down in the shed. I had to just throw ’em into boxes last year, so finding what I need will be a challenge.


I’m awaiting a parcel delivery from Sydney that I ordered on-line last Saturday. They emailed me back on that day that the parcel had been despatched, with an Australia Post tracking number.

Following that track, AP doesn’t show it entering their system until Monday at 1330, and then nothing since then. Five days to come from Sydney? That’s if it arrives today!

Anyway, it’s a JVC car CD/radio, but it includes DAB+ in the tuner. At last! Two years of DAB+ and only now are car tuners including it. I’ve been frustrated.

However, I’m excited about this unit. It also includes Bluetooth so it can act as a hands-free phone interface, and has USB and aux inputs, as well as an iPod socket. It looks a million too, double DIN height with a smooth glassy minimalist fascia, for $249. I’m looking forward to it.

Fitting it will be fun, not. My car does have room for a double DIN height unit, but the existing car dash is only a single height slot. I doubt I’d be able to get a Mitsubishi fascia after 11 years, so I may have to take a mini saw to it. It doesn’t matter – I doubt I’ll be looking for re-sale value after all these years.

If I can go out today, if I’m not too groggy from painkillers, I’ll need to get a JVC adapter for the radio interface. That may not be easy.