Coming good

ImageIn doing my book on Java, I did some digging for the shots of Jakarta in 1996 and this was one of them. This was at the “Crew House” where I lived and that’s Tini, who did all the cooking for us (me, and a cameraman who was hardly ever there). Yes, that’s sweat on my shirt and in my hair. It was always humid. But it was a great time.

I found a whole roll of neg film that I’d hardly looked at before, so I scanned it today and brought back all the memories.

Amazingly, as I looked at the photos and battled to remember the guy’s name, it came to me – Arun, I’m pretty certain. After 16 years! I don’t think he and Tini were husband and wife – he was just the house handyman. He was very shy and hardly spoke. Just worked quietly in the background. Always there if I needed help with anything.

This will be a major chapter in my book. Probably a dozen pages worth. The memories are flooding back. I’ll need Vic’s help to remember other names, though. C’mon Vic! Stop working – you’re 72, FGS!

I’ve found that in the newest version of the book composition software I can output a PDF copy and individual full resolution page proofs. That means I can take it to a local print shop and get quotes for a better price. To get it printed in Sydney was going to cost about $150 per copy!  I may even distribute it as a PDF – that’s a viable way and almost cost free. Not as nice looking though.


Yesterday was the first day I’ve felt reasonably normal in the past couple of weeks. I’m still taking Panadeine for the pain, but it’s under control now and when the bandage came off this morning, the improvement was very clear. Still another couple of weeks of semi-daily Silver Chain visits, though.

It’s funny that each day, Silver Chain applies a silver lining, literally. They use silver impregnated sheets as an antibacterial dressing under the bandage. It seems pretty effective. The sheets are about 60mm square and mainly black with a silver sheen to them.

But the silver sheets are kept under lock and key at HQ. That seems odd to me. Silver is not that expensive as a metal and especially so since the film market has dried up.


Another home open tomorrow. There’s a bit of interest being shown, a few nibbles according to Barry. But I have to go to the Stirling Council and check if any building approvals were ever issued for alterations before I bought the house in 1986.

Apparently I need to protect myself against potential future claims for things that might have been done before I bought this house! This is terrible. People turn to law for anything now.


I bought a computer disk drive case this week, designed to take six hard drives. I have nearly a dozen sitting there with all the stuff from last year – music, movies, TV shows and images.

But since I had to order it in, I couldn’t see it beforehand. it turns out to need a server motherboard, which means effectively building a computer. I would have been far better off simply starting a new computer from scratch, which I’ve been thinking of doing anyway. That way I can use this existing computer as the server.

So I need to carefully pack it up and see if Netplus will let me exchange it for a tower case and power supply. I hope they will. I’m a good customer.