Actions and Reactions


You didn’t know I was at Yalta in WW2, did you? They wouldn’t listen to me.

Many times, I wonder if people think about the consequences of their actions.

I’ve been guilty of making hasty moves or judgements, but I long ago learned to wait and think about something before I go to the next step. Some people never learn that lesson.

Last Friday I bought a computer case, a small one designed to hold six disk drives called an Array case. I had ordered it based on the web description.

When I unpacked it, I realised I’d made a mistake – it was hard to get into (a minimum of six screws to be removed on each side) and hard to install the drives – no slide-in bays, all screws. Plus it needed a motherboard to work. I’d made a mistake. A $249 mistake.

I repacked it carefully as close to the original as I could get. Today I took it back to the shop and told them the story, asking if I could exchange it for a normal tower case and PSU and saying I would buy some RAM to take it past the $249 value – extra cash in other words.

They seemed happy to do it but took it out the back to inspect it. I waited a fair while, then they called me in and said No, we can’t take it back, it’s got scratches. I couldn’t see what they meant at first, but by angling the light, I could see two faint scratches in the brushed aluminium about 12mm long by less than 1mm.  They said that meant they couldn’t sell it as new so they wouldn’t accept it.

OK, but although I didn’t let on, I was embarrassed and upset. I took it away with me, but they immediately lost the sale of the other items I was going to buy today. They also lose my business for the foreseeable future. I’m not going to go back for some time. There are plenty of other places to buy. Silly move, guys.

I would have spent nearly $1,000 total over the next few months. I’ve decided to build a new PC, using the Intel Z77 motherboard with an i5 CPU which has an on chip video codec. At the moment, to output my Venice Concerto 30 minute show to Blu-ray mpeg4 takes around 2 hours. I hope to cut that in half, at least.

OTOH, I may not. Time is one thing I have plenty of.

I was going to write something else here, but I’ve just erased it. For the very reason I mentioned above.