Shaking a leg


Great legs, eh? I feel like The Mummy. My left leg has a venous ulcer (not as bad as it sounds) and it’s bound up to try to force the fluid back up. I’ve got a bit of cellulitis too, for which penicillin is the answer. An ulcer sounds awful, but it’s just raw skin where the surface has been broken and won’t heal properly. It’s very red and weepy.

Those angels, the Silver Chain nurses are coming every day at the moment. “Go back to your GP asap.” Yeah, right, but the earliest available appointment with my GP is Friday week! I’ve got an appointment with another doctor in the centre tomorrow, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to find a new one, closer to me as well. Merriwa is a full 30 min drive. I’ve been using him because he’s a gastric band man, but that’s not important now. He’s too good and is booked out a week ahead. That’s no good.

And the leg? Bloody painful, thanks. Like having hornets under the bandage stinging me. Random jabs of pain, enough to jerk my head back. Panadeine Extra. It’s clearing up, but slowly. Walking is the best medicine, to stimulate the circulation.


I would have posted this yesterday but for the entire day after 9am I could not connect to Vivid Wireless! Right up until I went to bed, no connection. Grrrrr. This is ridiculous. Yet today, all is back to normal, no trouble. What is going on? It seems Vivid observes public holidays by shutting down.


After my bad experiences at Joondalup Hospital I wrote a letter setting out what they were. (i.e. wasting money on hotel style wet packs and wrapped soap; bed too high; poor and inadequate food; no liquid soap in shower; slippery bathroom floor; no grab rail on bed; errors in medications; awful difficulty parking etc)

As if to illustrate their disfunctionality, I’ve received two replies by letter, one from an assistant to the CEO and one from the manager of the hospital or something, both saying they’ll get right back to me. Left hands and right hands come to mind.

On the other hand! I’ve had no response at all to my letter to Hollywood Private Hospital sent about three weeks ago. I listed six points in that, including scarring from ECG pads. It’s now apparent that the scarring is permanent. I’ve got rectangular and circular marks on my skin which are not coming out.

Add to that the near heavy¬† fall from the grab handle which came away in my hand when I put some weight on it, I’m left wondering who’s in charge.


There’s been an odd change in Minnie’s behaviour. She4 seems happy enough, even though the bulge in her side is very big now.

But for the first time, she’s taken to burying her meaty bones. Boopsie used to do it when she was just a pup, but I haven’t seen it in Minnie before. Maybe she’s not hungry at 5pm, but she still comes to the door as her alarm clock goes off. She seems as keen as ever to get her 6.30pm meal, dancing her little jig as I bring it out. Very strange.


Oooh, nearly forgot – there was a Ford Probe in the North Beach shops car park today with a guy waiting in the passenger seat. It was his car. I went and had a chat. We must have talked for 15 mins, to be joined half way along by his partner. She invited me to try sitting in the driver’s seat, which I’m pleased to say I managed more easily than I expected. Yes, the car is low, but not too low for me.

What am I on about? The Probe is a V6-with-everything, power-everything 2 door liftback sports coupe based on the Mazda MX-6 but with a US styled and made body. I’m the last to praise USA styling, but they hit the jackpot with this one. I’ve always loved it and from about $50,000 new in the mid 1990s, they go now for about $4,000. That’s about what my present car is worth, how ’bout that? Almost credit card territory.

Of course, having ended production in 1997, you have to be careful but being based on a Japanese Mazda engine, they are well made and reliable. The guy knew a lot about his car and said he put a new engine in it a few years ago, but it didn’t sound like an emergency. He said the reliability is good, and when I mentioned buying in Brisbane and driving it back here, he didn’t flinch.

I’ve had to stick with station wagons for my dogs for the past 13 years, but now I’m free to go back to a car I want. Minnie isn’t going anywhere now, not easily anyway. And the Probe is much bigger and roomier than it looks.

So, I reckon one of these might become a reality at last. I’ve been looking admiringly for years. It’s time, soon. While I’ve still got time.