Another Big Step on the Road


At last, at last, at last. Another hurdle was jumped today, the termite inspection. No problems were found, as I expected. That means, barring finance failure, I’ve sold my house at last.

Better than that, I know where I’ll be going and it’s vacant now. I have pictures, I’ve seen through the house before, I know what to expect, so unless there’s some last minute hurdle, I can start planning my move straight away. In fact, I start packing tomorrow.

This has been an ordeal! I never thought it would be so hard and so complicated. At the beginning of 2011, WA house prices were at their peak, but no-one had any confidence then, so no buyers. I’ve had to drop my price, but I’m satisfied. It’s OK.

Now, at last, I can buy a new fridge and live in a properly furnished house that I don’t feel I have to apologise for. Walk 100m to a pool that I don’t have to maintain, and a free, use anytime gym that might do me some good. I’ll be 1Km from Mullaloo beach, same as I am from the beach now. The goal will be to walk that. We’ll see. It’s a goal.

One thing on my mind is how to accustom Minnie to a new back yard with no dirt to poo on. I’ll have to immediately arrange a sand pit and I’ll take a couple of bucketloads of dirt from here with her smell in it. We’ll see.


I think I mentioned buying a laser printer for $29.95? It’s a Fuji_Xerox, made in Japan, so it should have been good.

Well, slight problem. DOA, dead on arrival. It wouldn’t power up. Amazing. I’ve never had this happen before. I tried everything, but I had to return it for exchange today. Office Works tried it too, with no more success than I had. No problem exchanging it, except that mine was white, which I like, but the only exchange one they had is black. Booger, but for $29.95, that’s it.



What a relief to be cool again. I was actually a bit too cool early this morning, but sleep is better that way. A web site I respect is discussing the obesity epidemic today, and sleep was mentioned as a possible cause – that we’re not getting as much or as good quality as we did 30 – 40 years ago. I dunno. My weight increased badly during my sleep apnea years ~1995 to 2000, and I gained another 10Kg when I finished full time work at the end of 1999, so it’s a bit hard to separate it out. One thing mentioned was that Weight Watchers is the most reliable weight loss program (USA web site). Never tried it.


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