Well, I’ll be danged. An item appeared in the West on Wednesday about this:

Retired oil executive Dr Jim Buckee, who gained a BSc Honours at UWA 
in 1967 and a PhD in Astrophysics at Britain's Oxford University in 1970,
has made the stellar donation [$2 million] to fund UWA post-doctoral
research for what will be the world's biggest radio telescope -
the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).

Thing is, I know this guy. Or used to. He was at Kingswood College in 1965 when I was there. Our paths sorta diverged after that, but anyway …  After I started work at Channel 7 in 1966, he phoned me up one day and asked if he could come out and have a look over the station. No worries, I said. It was easy in those days. I don’t think I even needed to ask permission.

So he did. I remember the day well. He would have been one year older than me, so in the third year of his first degree, I guess. I remember particularly we talked about the high power valve servos of the videotape machines. Not that I was an expert then at only 20 or so.

He done well, dinn ‘ee? Degrees and doctorates comin’ out his ears. And $2 million bucks to sling around. Good on yer, Jim.

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