Hot to trot

Bairds 1968There was a question in the West recently about Bairds.
It took me a while to find my photo, but this was Bairds
in late 1968. This is the corner of Murray and William Sts.
It's all changed now. This was a very dull building,
but I hate the present replacement.

Funny how it works out. A week or more ago, I was worried about having to move out of this house before I had somewhere to go. Barry asked the buyers if it was possible to grant me a week’s extension. They seemed agreeable.

Then the pressure came off me – I’ve arranged to stay with friends in Scarborough until I work out where to go. And I rented a storage unit to put my stuff. My problem seems solved, temporarily at least. Big reduction in stress levels.

Then yesterday, a request came through from the settlement agent – could the buyers have a week’s delay before they move in? Ha! No problem. So I emailed back and said, no pressure from my end – delay as long as you like. Make it a month if you want to.

So I still don’t know what’s going to happen, but being able to say at my friends’ place in Scarborough makes it all easy. They live on the top floor, and I’ll use a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor – easy. Minnie’s my major concern, of course, but they know her and she’ll use their small paved backyard. I’ll set up a sandpit for her, with “a bit of her smell” from this place to make her feel at home.

As it happens, each of them is going away on a trip for a week to 10 days, at different times, so I’ll be the “guard dog” for their villa for a while.  Phew! What a relief.


These storage units are interesting. What a way to make money! All you need is land, and to build metal sheds with roller doors. We, the clients, supply the padlocks. There are PIN coded metal gates for entry and exit and two staff in the office, and that’s it. Sit back and watch the money roll in.

Mine is a 3 x 3 x 3m unit, 27 cu.m., and I think it’ll take all my stuff. I’ve made two trips using my car so far and taken about 3 cu.m. I reckon. Hard work for me! I’m seeing the cardiologist tomorrow and I think I may have a problem – no chest pain at all, but I have an endurance of about 10 minutes before I have to rest. Thyroid? Could be. We’ll see.


It’s certainly making me think again about what’s important in my possessions. Not much! Bin, bin, bin.


So disappointing to see the Barnett government slashing science funding again. Their attitude is clear, yes, we must call ourselves the clever country, but the government is not interested. In my opinion it’s because the government is composed of lawyers and accountants who look down their noses at anything and anyone related to science, engineering or technology. I saw far too much of that in my working lifetime. Stupid references to “Oh, I leave that to you boffins.” OK Kev, that’s why I pushed you as hard as I possibly could in union matters, and why I held you in little regard. Ignoramus.

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