Where there’s smoke …

Postscript, Friday 1245pm: I did actually “evacuate the area” yesterday. I’m sure I would have been OK, but the radio was saying to either get ready to defend, or leave. I chose the coward’s path. That’s the first time in the whole 26 years that I’ve felt the need, although there have been fires before.

I just grabbed my wallet and bag, laptop, a couple of bottles of water, a wet towel, a radio and got Minnie into the car, with a big bowl of water for her. She was quite excited – it’s the first time she’s had a car ride in quite some time. She went up the ramp first time. We just drove to Marmion beach car park – it’s a dog beach there, but there’s no way Minnie can manage the steps. Even so, she sniffed the air and grass for a long time and looked all around, then plonked herself down. It was very windy. The choppers were snorkelling from the ocean to the south.

I got her back into the car and went home to check, (and found I’d left the back door open!) then went to visit friends in Innaloo. I used to take Minnie there because they have a very nice Staffie, and Minnie fitted right in. She ate Winston’s food, drank his water, pee’d on his patch and felt right at home. Winston was very respectful of Minnie’s age, much more than he used to be. It was good.

When I got her home at about 9.15pm, she sat down a bit hard when I lifted her out of the car, and she didn’t want to move. She just stayed there behind the car for about 10 minutes before she was ready to move. She was pretty tired by all the activity.

My house ponged of smoke! And my car for that matter. But it’s all over now. I haven’t looked, but I think they stopped the fire before it burnt the whole bush area. I’ll go and look later. What a beautiful day it is today.

UPDATE: the radio is saying the fire is in the Trigg bush, and being pushed north by strong wind. I may need to drive away from my house.

Hey, live blogging! I’m breathing smoke at the moment, and it’s not my neighbour. Something to the west of me is well alight. Smoke is billowing over my house. I suspect the Trigg Bushland Reserve, the bush between me and the coast, is on fire.

First thought? Get the camera! Possibility of some great shots.

Second thought? If I get worried, put Minnie in the car with my camera gear, grab my wallet, I.C.E. bag, and abandon the house. Let it burn! The house itself is insured. There’s still stuff here I’d be sorry to lose, but most of the valuable stuff is in storage.

Third thought? This blog.

Fourth thought? I was here last time it burnt in 1991, I think.


This was the aftermath of that one. It looks bad, but the regrowth in a few months is tremendous. The bush really comes back as soon as some rain falls.

Especially, the grass trees send spears up like crazy, and they bend in all sorts of weird angles. I was too sluggish to catch it last time, but I won’t miss it if it happens again.

Update: It seems the fire is south of Karrinyup Rd, near Elliott Rd and St Mary’s School. No danger to me at the moment.

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