Photo credit: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA,  The Guardian.

I’ve been asked by the guy in the picture above to post the original, uncropped image from the Guardian. Here it is, Equador (thanks for the link). Justice is done, I hope.

Apologies for cropping you out, butt we can’t see your butt. Nice pigtail, not much other tail. 🙂 It is a great photo, even so.


Interesting that the guy in the photo, Equador, saw my blog. Did he use the image search facility in Google? Looking for any use of the photo and came across my blog? Or do I have a secret blog admirer? Welcome, anyway, and I’ll be more diligent in crediting photos in future.


Oooooh, I’m exhausted. So weary from my unaccustomed exercise yesterday, then a big evening with beer followed by a shared bottle of red wine. I got to bed at midnight thinking I’d sleep well, and got about two hours, woke and never got to sleep again. This is crazy. Why can’t I fall asleep? I’m not stressed; there’s no race track of thoughts. I just can’t drop off that shelf of wakefulness. I’ll go back to bed soon and try again, but daytime sleeping makes it harder the next night. It’s lucky I don’t have to go to work.


The wine my cousin and I shared carried our shared surname: Crofters (Croft). Made by Houghtons in WA, it’s a beautiful full bodied shiraz. Well named, and good drinking.

Sitting outside to eat, overlooking the lakes with all the waterbirds settling for the night. Not too much wind. Very pleasant.

All that food and drink was much more than normal for me, and resulted in a 1.3Kg jump on the scales this morning. Back to starvation mode, I’m afraid.


Too tired to write more now. More later.


2 comments on “Rectumfied

  1. Equador says:

    Thank you sir! A man of your word you are.
    I used the Google image search and your blog popped up. Nicely guessed, though the other way is more fun.
    Thanks again, your life sounds pretty cool!
    P’s, my websites might interest you.

  2. Pete says:

    Thank you. My life sounds cool? Jeez, I feel like the lonesome loser, but I guess it’s all relative. I live in just about the world’s best climate with beautiful beaches nearby and very little danger. Most people in the world would want that. I’ll look at your websites. Cheers, Pete

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