Mein Gott


Um, sorry about the delay, I’ve been a bit distracted. Too much to say, too little time, and I want my frühstück. I’m in Amed at this moment, just here overnight, heading round the north side to Lovina today to drop V, then I go back to Sanur tonight. I hope to go to Lovina for a couple of days next week to see V’s place better.

Wow, the roads around here are pretty primitive, twisty, winding, narrow, blocked by small trucks, surprise intersections with little signposting. Lucky we’re being driven by an experienced Balinese driver. I hope today’s will be a bit easier. I’m finding it quite tiring.

I’ve just been out past the pool talking to a lovely Hungarian woman who’s here with her daughter. She’s from Budapest and thinks it’s the best city in the world. Hmmm. But Vienna, mama mia! she says I must go there and see both cities. Yep.


I’m in a new space at the moment, and I think it’s a good space, a space I want to stay in. This is very cryptic, I know, but I’ll tell more later, as we go along in the months ahead. It’s a new feeling, a new space and I’m needing a short break by myself, as I’ve been for so long. No problem, just sorting things in my mind.


Gotta go right now – more pics asap.


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