Make a new plan, Stan


Bad sleep again last night; slept 11.30pm to 2.30am but couldn’t sleep from then on. Got up and did video processing on the schlepptop (V’s great name for it). Converted (made copies) of my sparkling 4K video down to 1280×720 for use on the web, i.e. here. Then used the image stabilising software Mercalli to er, stabilise it, smooth out the rough bits. Marvellous stuff, but it takes time. I’ll put a bit up here soon.

Tried to sleep again from 7am to 10am but just lay there, thinking non-stop about you-know-who and the future. Very good thoughts, I assure you. No problems.

Then had a haircut and manicure at the Peni Weni salon a couple of doors down.


Heyyy, the Fonz here.



Why this? Because a few months ago I was so sick of brittle nails catching in my hair that I tried false ones. But they fall off and underneath, the glue had discoloured all my nails terribly. They looked like army jungle green camouflage. So I got this dark red to cover the stains. It’s not quite effective – you can still see the dark patches, but it’s much better.

For the haircut and manicure, $13. I pay $20 for a haircut alone at home.


Next, I managed to haggle Made Latra to drive me to Lovina and back for Rp550,000 each way, down from Rp700,000. We go up tomorrow, back here Wednesday. I’ll probably give him a big tip, but it’s the principle, ya see.

Then, I’ve paid for tomorrow night here already, but I’ll be checking out tomorrow morning. So I asked the hotel to credit me and apply the credit to Wednesday night. No problem Mr Peter. This is pretty damn good of them and I’m very impressed with this hotel. They’ll get my business in future for sure. I’m very happy with the Taksu. Best stay I’ve had just about anywhere.

So tomorrow I’ll be reunited. Can’t wait. 🙂


At Amed.      (C) PJ Croft 2016



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